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newbie question about fly cutting

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    If the head is out of tram, you will leave a concave cut no matter what diameter cutter you are using. Of course, the bigger diameter, the deeper the "scallop." If you milled your surface with a 1/4" endmill vs. a 3" face mill, the depressions would be much shallower with the 1/4" and head out of tram with the troughs and crests only 1/8" apart. After all, you're gonna get a phonograph type finish with any fly cutter, alot depending on your rate of feed. Faster feed-courser finish, slower can be smoother, too slow and your doing too much rubbingand wearing the cutter out. I'd tram the head as best you could, there are numerous posts here (search) on tramming if you've never done it. That way you are at least approaching the theoretically "flat" surface. Experiment a bit, you be able to see what works out for you. Hope this helps...good luck.
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      Originally posted by lazlo
      On the MiteeBites, the button-head cap screw is eccentric. So you snug up the t-slot nuts to the workpiece, and then tighten the cap screw, which pushes the toe down into the work. The toes are reversible -- one side is smooth, the other size is serrated.

      The MiteeBite hex clamping nuts work the same way (eccentric screw).

      On a classic tool and die toe clamp, there's a 45° dovetail, with a hex cap screw. As you tighten the screw, it pushes the toe down at a 45° into the work.

      It may not look like it, but these clamps are rock solid.
      Thanks for the explanation. So the thread lead is doing the pull-down while the eccentric pushes forward. Not bad. Lots of good ideas out there on holding. I've got a couple of those things for holding thin pieces down. They look like parallels with one edge thinned. The back (thick) edge is ground at an angle so when they're squeezed up to the part in the vise they apply a down force too. Devilishly clever IMHO. Wish I'd thought of some of those.
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