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what happened to Rolamite?

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  • what happened to Rolamite?

    Remember Rolamite? describes this invention. It seemed to have great promise, but few of its proposed applications made it to the marketplace.

    Has anybody ever incorporated Rolamite into a device?
    Allan Ostling

    Phoenix, Arizona

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    Bad things happen when the ribbon breaks. It overcomes a problem seldom seen. Bad things happen when the ribbon stretches. Compound bearings are well understood and available. Did I mention bad things happen with that ribbon? Imagine what would happen if somebody put a penny or FOD of any kind on the ribbon, frinstance. Probably why D9 Cats use segmented tracks instead of ribbon.


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      that ribbon experiences a lot of bending when it is moved back and forth, especially the model with the polygons instead of spheres/cylinders. Are ball bearings really that bad!?!


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        Several uses, primarily in switching, exist and multiple patents have been taken out (for example: Rolamite sensor: United States Patent 5178264 In fact there is an entire patent class for rolamite type switches (Electrical contacs - class 200, subclass 504).

        Don't know about other uses.