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New printer,why must everything be difficult?

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  • New printer,why must everything be difficult?

    Bought a new printer/copy/fax etc.Settled on a Lexmark X5470 mainly because the cartriges are cheap.

    Got it all hooked up,except for the USB cable as per the instructions,pop the sofware CD in and get the message "your OS is not compatible with your new printer".Okay,gee I thought the box said Win 98/Me was supported and after looking yes it is.Contact Lexmark support and they say download the new version of the drivers and it Should work fine. Wrong!

    Is it just me or is everything a person attempts to do these days a tooth pulling PITA?
    I just need one more tool,just one!

  • #2 wife bought an HP (Hewlett Packard) printer. Looks really nice and is multifunctional...printer...copier...scanner. Loaded the software and all was well...until the second time we tried to use it...message: "new hardware is being loaded for your new hardware". I uninstalled everything HP software wise and started over...same results. It reloads the software everytime...and after about 20 times the unit just gives up. Then I have to uninstall and reinstall again. The machine does great work...but the software glitch is enough to make me give up on HP products.


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      I can sympathise with you, I know the feeling Darrin. I try to avoid any sort of upgrade or alteration to a computer system, because I know it's going to turn into at least a half-day session of teethgrinding aggravation.

      I started my tax return this weekend. Turbotax has upped their price so high I decided to use H&R Block 'Taxcut' this year. So after working thru the federal which was required just in order to file for an extension (I'm still lacking a document I need), I try to download the state software. Bring up "Alabama" in the download window, and clik on the 'Download' button and the download begins. After a minute or so, I notice it's saying "downloading Georgia state .....". What the f....!!!!

      Naturally there's no ph # on the software box, so in order to proceed I had to buy, for another 24.95, the Alabama version. GRrrrr..!!!!!!

      With all the second chances one has to deal with ...Are you sure you want to delete this? ...are you really really sure?? ...enter Y to confirm... blah blah. You'd think for something like that there'd be a chance to confirm your action. But No!

      The bast...ds probably designed it that way intentionally for just that reason! Well they lost one repeat customer opportunity,
      that's for sure.

      Oh yeah, forgot to add... after getting the Ala stuff downloaded and working thru it, I learn that it doesn't file the extension electronically, but only prints a cy to mail in. To request the Ala extension all I needed to do was go to Alabama's Revenue website and do it there. So I just spent 24.95 needlessly. I could've just leisurely filed a paper return to the state! Double GRrrr...!!!
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        Try updating your USB driver software as well. I don't recall how to do off the top of my head.

        I have a X3350 that had a simmilar issue and once I got the USB side of things fixed up no further issues.
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          Welcome to the club. -plug and pray-

          I'm fighting with a new router. All is good if I hook only one computer up at a time. But if everything is hooked up and the computers power down and back up, then no internet. So over to the router I go to unplug everything and plug it all in one at a time.

          I'm still trying to read through the manual. WHICH is a personal gripe I have. These companies dont print a manual out anymore. You now have to read it off of Adobe. Call them and they tell you to print it out. I cant when the network aint running. Grrr.

          Oh, good luck with your printer/scanner/fax thingy. I hope you get it running.

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            There was an article in the news paper about a month ago that Kodak was coming out with a printer that will use cheap ink .IIRC it was about half the cost of most brands ..


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              Kodak printer? Geez, that's all we need is another Ching-Chang printer on the market. It already takes me an hour to find the cartridges for my Epson. If it didn't print pictures so well, I'd be looking for another printer too. I just wish someone would come up with a way to bypass the cartridge chip--Or reset it.


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                I went color laser this past year and have not regretted it for a minute. The Oki C3200N, was around $299 and came with toner carts that, even though only token sized, will last around 3 set of inkjets or more. The color toner will cost about 4x the inkjets but deliver around 10x the pages, in beautiful, saturated, band-free color. Labels that come off of it appear professionally printer.

                The other nice thing is that while the toners are not cheap (except per page) they also only need to be changed as needed ... by color. If we suck thru magenta, we only change magenta.

                Highly recommended !

                Regarding the OP, USB was supposed to be a trouble free substitute for the old RS232 serial link. I wouldn't give it up but it has been nothing but a PITA at work on USB devices (emulators, Cad keys, etc.) and at home.

                Weirdscience, Lexmark printers will connect to their home IP address and send usage information so they know how many cartridges to produce. I'm not joking. In the Lexmark folder, you will find either an .ini or .cfg or something similar. In that file is the IP address they uplink to and the frequency is also listed in that file (I think it was set for 60 day updates). Needless to say I ripped out the heart of that little beast and then put it on the curb. It (a 7100, 3 in 1) also had mechanical problems after 3 months of light use. I think the failure was premature and I wish you good luck with yours Den


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                  Originally posted by nheng
                  Lexmark printers will connect to their home IP address and send usage information so they know how many cartridges to produce. I'm not joking. In the Lexmark folder, you will find either an .ini or .cfg or something similar. In that file is the IP address they uplink to and the frequency is also listed in that file (I think it was set for 60 day updates).
                  If you can find the IP address there's a simple fix for that.


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                    Yep, but the POS started making clicking sounds a few weeks later and needed ink at the same time. While wandering around Staples, the color laser bug bit me again and this time the price and quality was right. Using pantone and CMYK chart printouts, I've matched several odd machine colors so that small labels (replacement or my own) look like they are factory made.


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                      I was going to say that noone in their right mind would buy a Lexmark, nor a Dell printer, as they use the same, though with same cart with Dell's own cap, so you cant use the readily available Lexmark, though Lexmark IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE , per page of print, whether B&W or color.

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                        I had a Lexmark before that lasted for 6 years without any real trouble that's one reason I went with them again.

                        I tried thier tech support and as I figured they were as helpful as a box of rocks.

                        Going to look in the device manager tonight to see if any of the old printer is still in there.
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          Color lasers definitely cheaper in operating costs, faster in printing speeds
                          than inkjets, but unfortunately it will be a few years before the algorithms
                          catch up for lasers versus inkjet in printing photos. They are barely
                          adequate to acceptable at present. One gronk for me is loss of the
                          LP/parallel printing ports (and serial ports) on newer computers. Laser
                          printers have a looong life span so my HP 2100 needs a parallel port
                          and likely will outlast 2-3 computers. Once legacy ISA and EISA slots
                          disappear you will have to hunt up a dinosaur expander board to obtain
                          these functions, or...
                          So far the USB to parallel converter is handling the translation well but it
                          needed a reset recently (restart computer, printer from complete power
                          down to print, obnoxiously enough it would not print the IRS forms!!

                          Re Turbotax and Taxcut, I had a major glitch with Taxcut last year, also
                          with the Alabama form, it insisted on entering estimated taxes twice and
                          would not repent. Looking for hand writable forms on the state tax website
                          I found that Alabama has an online tax form: You bring it up, type in the
                          numbers, it does the calculations and then prints the needed forms. Worked
                          nicely, took about an hour overall with the Fed forms already done. Only
                          draw back was no on-line save, so start to finish in one session as
                          closing the site erased all entries.
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                            Well I have found the problem,I don't have enough RAM.Need 128MB only have 63MB,never did upgrade this thing.
                            I just need one more tool,just one!