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  • Off To NAMES

    Off to NAMES first thing in the morning. Hope to meet some of you their Sat at noon.
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    I'll be there

    I'm hoping to take in a seminar or two on Saturday.

    10:00 AM 215/217 Ron Ginger Converting a Knee Mill to CNC

    12:00 PM 219 Tom Stockton Basics of Heat Engines

    Should be good.



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      Also off early. Stop to check on a possible job, then pick up a buddy by nightfall. Friday on to Toledo. Hope to see people there too.

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        I'm going to Springfield, IL tomorrow for skills USA tests

        I wish i could have taken the precision machining test - i likely would have failed miserably... but it'd be interesting to see what i don't know and what i do!

        Instead i took it for power mechanics.


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          I'm leaving at 10:00 AM tomorrow to start setting up.

          I will get there about 10:17 AM.
          Jim H.


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            I would be able to leave at 10:00 and get there at 10:20 normally but today I'm in Seoul Korea and heading to Shenyang China. It think it would take me a lot longer. If you are there stop by Jim Dunmyer table and see the V-Twin engine I have been building. He offered to take it and and display it but it won't be running. I really never had enought time to work all the bugs out getting ready for my Asian trip for work. I hope you all have a good time in Toledo and check out Tony Packo's just across the street from the Segate Center. Not the original one but they have the same food. If you want to go to the original one it is about 3 miles away by taxi.

            Jeff Kranz


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              I live about 2 hrs south i will leave sat morning,, my first time . Any suggestions where to stay or not to stay? allen.
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                I'll be driving down Saturday morning. About 2-1/2 hrs.
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                  Originally posted by Alguy
                  I live about 2 hrs south i will leave sat morning,, my first time . Any suggestions where to stay or not to stay? allen.
                  Check the motels in the Maumee and Perrysburg areas. For the most part, they are newer, and all are decent. There are a couple in Toledo that are OK too, but will probably be booked up. P'burg & Maumee are only a couple of miles away.

                  Avoid any on Reynolds Road or Conant Street, they are close to the Turnpike exit and don't always get the best clientell.
                  Jim H.


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                    Neil, Clover, and I will be loading up today and leaving tomorrow morning. Not counting meal/gas stops, it will be about 4-1/2 hours. I just had some repairs done on my truck, so I hope they hold up. I will definitely be at the meeting at Noon Saturday. I can hardly wait to see the model Ferrari.

                    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

                    Edit: I should also plug Neil and Mike Rehmus' (the editor of Model Engine Builder) presentation on "Getting Your Project in Print" at Noon on Sunday.


                    PS: Anyone going to the ball game on Friday night?
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                      We are leaving Byng OK about 9 am today and will hope to see at least some of you in Toledo by Friday night. Don't know where we are staying. Bill Hinkle took care of that, I hope. First NAMES for me. Really looking forward to it.
                      See some of you Saturday. I'll have on a BFD hat (Byng Fire Dept)
                      John Burchett
                      in Byng OK
                      John Burchett
                      in Byng OK


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                        Everything is fixed, polished and ready to go. I'll probably get out about 8:00am. It's about an hour and 45 minutes up there. I'd like to meet up with everyone but there's a seminar on making miniature taps and dies at noon and I have to attend it. I have been curious as to how Jerry Kiefer makes those things. As I mentioned in my thread, I'll have the 302 Ford V8 engine along with many others so if you can, stop by and say Hi. P.S. I'll also have some of the parts I have been machining for the Holt 75 engine. Block has been CNC'd with my own split design to make it easier to construct.
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