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DIY Doorknob style dovetail cutter

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  • DIY Doorknob style dovetail cutter

    A couple years ago I saw a post or webpage about making a doorknob style cutter for dovetails. It used a triangular carbide lathe insert. It seems pretty simple to do, I'd just like to see what has already been done.

    Any ideas on where I might find information on one?



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    Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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      Originally posted by BobWarfield

      Nice web page Bob!



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        Bob, thanks for sharing that page! I am doing a project that is going to require dovetails and was about to fork over the money to buy a cutter.

        I am going to give this a try before buying one as it is not too often that I need to cut a dovetail.
        Why buy it for $2 when you can make it for $20


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          I just spent an hour on your site Bob! Nice job and a lot of good info for us backyard types to take in!
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            Great dovetail cutter

            Great website, Bob! My next project will be to make one of the dovetail cutters you detailed. Thanks!


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              You guys are way too kind!

              Do read my notes on how to do it "better"! I think a more sophisticated insert such as I describe would make it work a little smoother. With that said, the cutter as described does work great and was not that hard to build.



              Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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                You've done pretty much what I was thinking. I have a bunch of TCMT 322 and 321 inserts. They are positive rake so I should be good in that regard. I think I'll make mine with a 3/4" shank and 1.25" diameter.

                My thoughts on the process. I'd like to turn the cutter with the beveled end towards the tailstock. That way the compund is away from the chuck. I can also face the bottom of the cutter without having to turn it around. Everything else I'd do in pretty much the same manner you did.

                Hopefully, I'm going to start making chips tonight.

                Thanks for the input.