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Cheapest 7x12-ish mini-lathe to use for "parts"?

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  • Cheapest 7x12-ish mini-lathe to use for "parts"?

    I've been kicking an idea around for quite a while (unfortunately, due to work/time constraints, and a new much smaller shop THINKING is all I've been able to do for a long while...)...

    Does anyone know of the very CHEAPEST "mini" lathe one can get?

    I'm thinking of basically using one for a "castings kit" to construct a small CNC lathe on.
    DOesn't need a working motor, or good gears, or a precision lead screw... all those I'd replace.
    It needs a bed, ways, a cross slide, headstock, spindle, and tailstock. And the cross slide and tailstock can need some rebuilding.

    Suggestions welcome... (I've already touched base with the local Harbor Freight... they don't have any "dropped box" or returned mini-lathes right now).

    Paul F.

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    If you can't find a doner machine you might consider getting the parts and pieces from these people,


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      mini lathe

      The HF is the shortest one anyway, almost too small for anything.

      homier is the lowest cost I think, at $299 + shipping, and it's the 7x12 version.

      I'll second the littlemachineshop choice, they'd have pretty much everything you'd need, But I think you'd spend about the same as buying a complete unit and tearing it up

      join the 7x12minilathe group at yahoo, and post the question there, may shake some one out who has a broken one in the shed.



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        Hey, that's IS a great site for parts!
        Don't think it would be cheaper to just buy the parts... but I'd have less to throw away!

        That does look like pretty much what I'm looking for...
        I don't need a LOT of length... if I can run 8" long parts, I'd be happy (I DO have my 12x36 lathe for big stuff.. even though I have a hard time using it shoe-horned into my shop-space...)

        Paul F.
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          Depending on where you are you might try the Grizzly Tent sale. They usualy have project fixerer uppers for sale.
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