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Any engineers out there?

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  • Any engineers out there?

    I know, a baited question. Obviously many people on this BBS have much engineering experience.
    I was hoping to link up with someone with some mechanical design engineering experience, who knows something about manufacturing.
    Also, someone with experience in fluid dynamics would be VERY helpful.
    I could use someone willing to consult with me for a reasonable fee via telephone and e-mail. I will be happy to dicuss in greater detail.
    I hope a request such as this is not beyond the scope of this BBS.
    Location: North Central Texas

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    Email me off list. I am a PE with a Doctorate in Engineering, my specialty is Regional Development, but I had a lot of hands on and classroom experience with mechanical engineering.



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      You can give me a try, except I am not as smart as thrud...

      I have a mechanical engineering degree, journeyman machinist and I am part owner of a hydraulic manufacturing facility...I would love to help you if I can...

      [email protected]



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        You can give me a try, except I am not as smart as thrud...

        Like they believe that.

        I said you were too ugly for me, I never said I was smarter!


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          Add me to the list. I am employed as a manufacturing engineer but I also am involved in product design (design for manufacturing) in order to produce an economical manufacturable part.

          Previously I was self-employed as an indusrial controls contractor: electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic machine tool controls.
          Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
          ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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            I would like to thank everyone who answered my request for assistance.
            I am, once again, very impressed with the users of this BBS. Your kind, and more than generous help, is truly impressive as well as appreciated.
            Someone said something about being a "band of brothers" here. I have absolute proof that that is definitely true.
            Thank you, Joel
            Location: North Central Texas