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Milling Machine Spindle Tapers.

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  • Milling Machine Spindle Tapers.

    Hi Guy's. I presently have a Milling Machine that has a R8 Taper in the Spindle. My question is, that I'm considering up-grading to a Knee-Type Machine, the one that I like has a 30INT Spindle Taper ,& I wanted to know if there is a Adapter Sleeve available to allow me to use the extensive range of R8. Tooling I allready have in the 30INT.Spindle. Also are there any drawbacks with the 30INT System & is tooling more expensive compared to R8.??. Should I look for a Machine with the R8.System??.TIA.,I Look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards. Jack. Erskine.

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    R8 machines are more common with respect to more affordable tooling. Most of the China crap (tooling) can usually be had in R8. See if there is some adapter, that way you can be more selective in your tooling



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      Check the tooling line up from ETM. KBC Tools handles this line. I'm not sure if an adapter is available from R-8 to #30, but they do make a R-8 to #40 adapter. I have one of these to use R-8 tooling in my Sajo Horizontal mill.


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        The NST 30 taper is a far superior spindle to the R-8. It can handle higher horsepower, is intrinsicly more accurate, and has better tooling.

        The tooling can be more money than the readily available R-8, but sources such as eBay can net some great tooling for little money.


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          Many Thanks to Jason, PolskiFran & Thurd for their time & efforts to reply to my request for infomation on the 30INT. Spindle Taper. I've decided to take the plunge & order the new Milling Machine & 30INT tooling to suit. As allway's all advise offered is truely appreciated. Best Regards. Jack.