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New bike paintjob, learning things, lotsa pictures

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    David, do you all your own "bodywork, ie, filling sanding etc.?
    I could learn to paint but have not developed the fine art of prep work yet.
    I guess it's all in the patience factor. sure would like to do some nice paint work on the custom xl1200 I'm working on currently.
    Lots of BMWs in the shop that need paint too. You've inspired me, thanks.
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      Most people can appreciate a good looking custom paint job. A few are actually able to appreciate the amount of work needed to create it.

      “good job!”


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        Nice dog Dave, and nice job. Thats a beautiful looking bike ,wish I owned it and you have great roads for riding a bike were you live have you been to Savanah letely loved it when I was there good luck and have fun Alistair
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          Nice job but too bad you got all those little dust specks in it.

          Only kidding - thats a nice looking bike. Was it hard to deal with the metal flake paint? I heard that that stuff can be kind of tempermental to spray.


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            paint everything with metalflake at once, paint enough coats so it buries. Having one shallow coat and dry, when you rub it rough to make the next coat bond, you can rub off the color on the flake.

            My fairing does not match the bike, has less metalflake, even thou I used the same measuring spoon and amount of clear in the gun.

            A pain to make match, takes a better painter than me.

            With house of Kolor clear uc35, don't let it dry, but tack out where it does not pull stringers when you touch a edge. Once it tacks out shoot another coat. It all bonds without sanding between coats. If you miss your recoat time, let it sit for 24 hours.

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              But a couple marbles in the paint cup, and shake periodically to keep the metalflakes from settling. That should help.


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                Nice ride, Dave.


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                  Oh... Forgot to mention...... Nice lawn mower too........
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                    Sure different to my ex-Army WLA (1943?) model H-D

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