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New bike paintjob, learning things, lotsa pictures

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  • New bike paintjob, learning things, lotsa pictures

    House of Kolor KBC13 burple paint, UMF rainbow metalflake, ghost flames are passion purple and blue-red Kameleon in clear, clear coated with urethane six coats.
    Shot with Devibiliss Finishline 3 HVLP, airbrushing done with Iwata eclipse CS.

    Excuse me, I farted.

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    Color shift out of the sunshine.. to purple.
    As it was before, a Atlanta Police motorcycle

    Been apart about a week now, Time to go play.. see ya (she sure don look like a refrigerator now)

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    Excuse me, I farted.


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      Looks great David. Thanks for sharing. What year is it?
      Jonathan P.


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        97 model.. I left the fairing and the chrome hubcaps off the front.. If it ain't needed..

        Gotta love the air ride, thou it is heavy at 750lbs. Never had a bagger, had a few stripped down full sized bikes, I ran the rear crash bars into several things around here. took the fairing off for the mc license test. I am 100% legal.. whoo hoo..

        They refused to give me that test on the 58 cause it didn't have blinkers.. I made the state patrol write that down on a piece of paper and carried it around till it wore out.
        The 58 did not have them from the factory. THOU I did almost get ko'ed quite a few times at night.. people expect a blinking light to tell them what you are planning.

        ANYONE heard from THRUD lately?
        Excuse me, I farted.


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          Nice looker David.
          I had a 58 sittin in a 78 frame back in the early 80s. Totaled it in 84.
          The rear roll bar saved my legs in the crash. still broke the right leg and crushed the left toes but the at the scene the cop and the town truck drive r said that If it were.nt for the roll bars I would have lost my legs.
          Go Figure. Nice looker as i said. Wish i could paint worth a damn, still using rattle cans.
          grumpy old fart


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            Very nice job David, looks good without the fairing and windshield.
            I always figured if I wanted too look through a windshield I'd drive my truck.
            By the way the 61-62 FLH emblems give the bike a bit of old skool class.
            Time to go out and kill a few bugs!
            Home, down in the valley behind the Red Angus
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            Location: British Columbia


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              Nice lookin', Keep the dog away from it.


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                Fairing, painted yesterday, has less metalflake than the paint on the fenders and tanks.. I added the measured same amount into the same amount of clear.

                Ohh well.. I have not painted the saddlebags, and may not.. I may shoot some clear and metalflake on the black thou. It sure looks good on the garage door, just black, rainbo and clearcoat.. Ha.. I should have shot all the extra on the old junk 4wd..

                It's storming here. I looked out and my gutters were breaking off my house.. I took the battery drill out and added in longer screws in the plastic mounts, well.. seems the corner was stopped up and it was full of water. Me and the dog are wet.
                Excuse me, I farted.


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                  IO: the dog is the most loyal friend I have. Butch, I sure miss him. He hated everyone but me and Carrol thou. This new pup, 95+lbs can eat a pan of homemade biscuits about as fast as I can.

                  He cries when I crank the bike, he knows it carries me away. He is the smartest dog I have ever saw. He, like a intelligent child will get into trouble if you don't keep him occupied. Yes, like Butch he can tear some stuff up. AND DOES. He got ahold of a baggie from the paint sprayer with some black epoxy in it.. he has stripes going across his brindle tiger stripes.

                  If you can't get along with society, perhaps you can get along with a dog.
                  Excuse me, I farted.


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                    Nice job on that paint, David.

                    I've got a green '97 Road King - put a 103" engine in it last year. This year it gets the paint job. Too many cross-country trips with strapped on baggage, helmets, etc., have created some worn spots through the clear-coat and hell, it's getting old - needs something new that isn't chromed

                    Another web site I host and own has a photo gallery at - Harleys only. Add yours

                    I had to hide the front page because I was losing (and paying for) too much bandwidth to Google and all the other web crawlers. They don't honor the robots.txt file very well (tells them were not to go) and my bill last month went up $500 just for bandwidth. I need to find a reliable list of bots to put in my packet filter. No point them getting rich burning up my bandwidth.


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                      You got the same spraygun as me dave ..

                      nice job... sort of midnight blue,

                      are you planning much long distance riding on it .

                      that bike will soak those miles up with ease

                      all the best.mark


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               Paint chips for the easiest to use paint I have ever had. make a run, sand it out. don't have to redo.

                        This is the first time I have painted a bike alone. Mikey is busy building houses in his subdivision development. He is still the clearcoat man. THOU checking out the fairing I have figured out that too. He used to paint on a paintline at a office furniture plant. You get used to depending on "other people" instead of developing skills of your own. Painting bores Mikey to death, he is very good at it thou.

                        You price bike paint? good god man.. there is a local painter who paints one bike a month and pays his building rent and his payday for a month.

                        It's not hard. If I can, anyone can.. the paint gun is a $99 devibiliss, the airbrush is a $109, the paint total with the cup of metalflake I used 1/8th teaspoon was $334. SO, somewhere around $500, (had the compressor)

                        Aboard: I just wanna have some fun before I die. Not sure, no plans, thou I'd like to get up and see my canadian friends, my friend in Iowa, my friend in California, Colorado and Kansas, and..
                        Being sick for a couple years made me appreciate good health, thou mine is not perfect I am enjoying the bike.

                        Bike flip-flops from deep blue to purple.. it is purple today, cloudy.. camera lies.. the ghost flames are perhaps a lil too invisible.. I should've added some gold flake..

                        After you run a baggie in that HVLP, no other paintgun is desired.. turn it upside down, pull the baggie, two teaspoons of thinner and gun is clean.. I did have to make a nipple inserter after I broke the plastic one thou.. to pin in the baggie.
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                        Excuse me, I farted.


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                          Nice looking bike and dog, he has more white on his chest than my (Roxie)female, a brindle Am-Staff Terrior. Best and smartest dog I've ever owned. She listens exceptionally well, much better than the other two shes in the house.
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                            You have to get my dogs attention, I take my finger, put on my nose, he looks me in the eye and I speak, HE understands. He can follow directions spoken in english, never trained to do things.

                            Scary how much. I looked out to see a peanut butter jar with some left in the bottom, I told him to go get it, he did, brought it back, gave it to me and I cut it down so he could lick the bottom bit out. My wife was sitting there, she still talks about that episode.

                            A lot more strange things than that has happened around here. It took less than five minutes to teach him to go look out the window to see if anyone was here, it took Butch about a week.

                            Nice pup. Pretty colors.
                            Excuse me, I farted.


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                              Bike flip-flops from deep blue to purple.. it is purple today,
                              yeah you got it ...sort of mood paint

                              had that colour on on a kawasaki Z650SR I owned

                              in cloudy conditions it was purple brite sunlight made it night it was almost black.

                              all the best.mark