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    I made the bracket below for a friend of mine who is working on an old plane in a club he is a member of. I believe he said it was from the mid forties but I could be wrong. They are working on the plane and plan to use it for educational purposes. It was missing the bracket for the compass. So he created a print and I made the part for him. The part is 3 inches tall by 2.375 wide and the hole in the middle is 2.125 diameter just to help you get an idea of how big it was. It was made in .093 aluminum. All manual work, no cnc although it would have made the job a lot easier and quicker to get done. The black is from a magic marker so it would show up on my scanner cause I didn't feel like taking a picture.
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    Jonathan P.

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    Ya know.. sometimes a cnc just means you make scrap faster. and I should know.

    Have you thought about a 5 gallon bucket anodizing for the part..
    Looks good...
    Excuse me, I farted.


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      Thanks for the compliments Dave. The guy was going to do some kind of chemical treatment on the part so I just temporarily darkened it with the marker so it would show up. I believe he said it would be flat black when installed.
      Jonathan P.


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        Aircraft parts Mfr

        According to the FAA, mfg parts for airplanes requires a PMA, i.e., parts mfg authority. Technically, EVERY part, every piece of material must have a paper trail. For the FAA repair station where I ran the machine shop, parts came in sealed containers that weren't supposed to be open until needed. If a seal was broken on a package, technically speaking, it COULD have been tampered with, or it could be bogus assys, etc. Working on REAL aircraft has VERY strict guidelines.


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          I believe those guidelines are much relaxed for Experimental aircraft, which is how most antiques are classified.



          Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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            Nice job . Wonder if your friend knows how much work to make 1 piece like that.
            Jim Sehr