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Remington 513T Referb, Pics

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  • Remington 513T Referb, Pics

    Thought I would post some pics from the last weeks worth of work on an old 513T that I got from the CMP.

    I stripped and refinished the stock with satin poly. Pulled the barrel and recrowned it. Inspected the bore and found two minor areas with light pitting. I haven't shot it yet, if it's dissapointing I'll replace it. Bead blasted and reparked all the metal.

    A friend asked if I would repark a bunch of 513's for a local Boy Scout Troop. 13 rifles and 13 hours later we had them finished.



    Scout Rifles minus wood.


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    Looks great James. Does the cmp have any more of the 513's? I've really enjoyed my cmp garand and 1903's, but am having trouble getting excited about the newly released M1 carbines as I'd would rather not add yet another caliber to the stable.

    Is the home shop parkerizing process very involved?



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      The CMP is out of the 513's. They have H&R M12's and they are OK. I wanted a carbine until I saw the price.

      The parkerizing is easy. Heat up the juice to 190 deg., bead blast the parts, blow them off, wipe them down with acetone. Dip for about 7 min or untill the part stops fizzing. Reposition on the hanger halfway through so as not to leave an unparked area. Take out, rinse with water and hose down with oil. That'a about it.