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Need some help identifying a scrap yard find?

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  • Need some help identifying a scrap yard find?

    I was at the scrap yard last week and found a small steady rest. I'm not sure what it fits but I think it’s from an Atlas or Craftsman 12" lathe. It has a flat bottom base and measures about 6" from the base to the center. It also has a casting number "CBL 446" on it. Does anyone have a parts list that would reference that casting number to a specific lathe? It has been bead blasted and cleaned up real nice. I have no use for this and would like to ebay it, so any info would help me list it. I just couldn't let it rot in the scrap yard.
    Mark Hockett

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    That does not sound like aa Atlas part number. The listings I have do not show a steady rest, a photo would be helpful.

    The Atlas steady rest is one piece, not hinged, with an open front and sliding fingers if that helps.
    Jim H.


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      Atlas rests....

      I'll second what JC says about the Atlas steady rests....South Bends are hinged.