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Did You Do Something Nice for Mom ?

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  • Did You Do Something Nice for Mom ?

    This was Her day

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    My wife is out having dinner with her two sons and a DIL - in Lahaina, Maui. It was the least I could do.


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      Moms and daughters

      LAst week I flew from CAlifornia to Baltimore (with new wife of 4 years) to finally meet my mom and dad on mothers day, then drive up to Philly to meet First wife, where we hooked up with my two sisters ( both moms ) and my son and go to attend my daughters graduation from college, Moore school of Art and Design (where she learned to weld among other things ). Now on way back to Baltimore to fly back to Cali so I can go back to work on Wednesday.
      INTERESTING having big mothers day dinner with both of my sisiers and both wives. Luckily they got along fine and no one got hurt. It could haved been ugly.
      Robert, tired of tavelling
      grumpy old fart


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        Excuse the igonorance, but what is a DIL ?


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          Daughter-In-Law. See more at FIL, BIL, SIL, MIL, etc


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            Oh hahaha i got it!

            What a great abbreviation; my BIL () has been like a real big brother to me - he married my sister when i was like 8 so i often reference him in writing or when writing about something i've learned (he taught me about welding etc) but i get tired of writing out "brother-in-law" hahaha

            Alright back to the thread!

            My mom worked yesterday and i was studying for AP physics exam today so nothing too special. Got her a nice card, some candy and we decided to go out to breakfast and then shopping (shudder) sometime in the summer.


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              Ironic really that Mothers day is exactly nine months after Fathers day ?


              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                I put flowers on her grave.


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                  I must admit. Even though I spent several minutes on that bud vase:

                  it was practically ignored.


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                      I took my wife for a ride on a live steam railroad. Honest, it was her idea.


                      It is a restored House of David 15" gauge engine with passenger cars. Mothers rode for free, it cost me $1.00, but hell, she's worth it.
                      Jim H.


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                        Pizza and beer ay my place. Hey - it's what my kid's Mom wanted and my folks were coming over, so.... We served it in the formal dining room on the finest Chinet available. We got my mom a t-shirt, too.

                        I'm not as redneck as that sounds, really.


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                          Took both Mom and Dad out for Sunday dinner. A Mother's Day buffet. Also a nice card.



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                            I thought it was a Bridgeport collet.