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HF 4x6 bandsaw really 1 HP?

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  • HF 4x6 bandsaw really 1 HP?

    I’m moving in a little over a month, and I will finally have enough shop space for a bandsaw. While researching I noticed HF claims its 4x6 has a 1 HP motor. I know HF was selling the 4x6 with a 1/3 HP motor, and that several people burned up the motor.

    Does anyone have any experience with this new version?
    -Dan S.

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    Buy the saw!! I really don’t think you will ever know if it has 1 HP or ½ HP. The one thing you will know, is your money is well spent. If you study most all the photos shown on this site is ------ there is a HF saw somewhere in the back ground,,,, enough said

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      Let's put it this way, my "1 hp" motor burned up, and I replaced it with a 1/2 hp UL rated motor that is physically larger, heavier, AND clearly stronger; not to mention runs and starts smoother as well as staying much cooler...
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        I think mine says 3/4 hp. It has been working since 1976. I think I got my money's worth.


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          I think they are rating some of these motors, as least for advertising purposes, by the power draw instead of the effort produced. The motor on my saw, which is a Craftex brand, is rated at 1/2 hp. It will saw all day and has been doing so lately without getting more than slightly warm.

          If my bandsaw were to die I would be S.O.L in the shop right now. I can't work without it.
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            Originally posted by lugnut
            Buy the saw!!
            AMEN!! If the motor dies on the first day, its still a hellava deal ---(and it just might die!!)

            The motors are notoriously the weak spot on these fantastic little saws, -- my impression is they have about a 50-60% chance of failure,.....BUT! theyre still worth the money even if you have to replace it. And if you are a scrounger,--- since this is a really common type motor,-- you might can find one laying around somewhere (I did) Oh, and keep in mind the rotation, --CCW!-- (dont ask how I know!)
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              Motor Horsepower, by Who's Rating

              I have to go with the general consensus on this one. My DO-ALL C4 has an American made Baldor 3/4 horse for a 9 X 16 saw. Someone (HF) is advertising a One horse on a 4 X 6. Just does not add up. If you need a saw, buy the HF and start looking for a Baldor or Leeson on EBone, fleamarkets, etc. planning on the One horse to go to the glue factory sooner than expected.

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                I’m most definitely getting a 4x6 from someone when I move. I just wanted to check and see if the life expectancy/quality of the HF motor had gotten better in the new model. I’d really like to find an old 7x12, but that might be pushing my luck with the significant other.
                -Dan S.


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                  Originally posted by dan s
                  I’d really like to find an old 7x12, but that might be pushing my luck with the significant other.
                  Yeah, I'm always on the lookout for a 7x12, or similar, and the bride isnt a problem and I have the room,---- but I've never come across one.

                  But this little 4x6 just keeps amazing me, kinda like a Timex, 'takes a lickin and keeps a tickin' Mine is 20+yrs and I thought it was getting a bit cantakerous, so when one of the Homier 'tent shows' came through, I jumped on their 'swivel' version of the 4x6 for the amazing price of $199 and its actually what the "one hp" (hah!) motor was so pitiful on. It didnt fail, but was so weak that it would only run on the lowest setting of the pulleys. Its a nice saw also, I really like the hyd feed assist. I've never really used the swivel feature, but its nice to know its there.....

                  I kept the original 4x6 and still use it quite often as its easier to set up in the vertical position and its still 'tickin' --- nasty, dirty, no paint, kinda clatters & clanks, all guards long ago gone---- and it cuts perfectly well!!
                  If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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                    Its all about the frame of reference....

                    Remember the horses are smaller in China, so 1 Horse Power China (1 HP-C) is not equivalent to the more commonly known 1 Horse Power (1 HP). Thus HF is not deceiving you, they just came from a different reference point. At least that is the rational that I use to justify the great difference in power versus rating between a GE wound motor and the Chinese version. It must be based on smaller horses.


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                      I rather doubt that the HF version is actually 1 HP. It really doesn't need a 1 HP motor on it. Mine is the Jet (Tiwanese) version I have had it for about 10 years. It came with a Tiwanese motor labeled at 1/2 HP and is still going strong. One of the most useful tools in the shop.

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                        This one is 10 years old and has the 1 HP label on the motor (I know, tiny horses)

                        The motor has never skipped a beat.


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                          Problem is not whether the motor is ½ or 1 HP, but the fact that it is made in china. They have yet to learn how to make (copy) a good motor. My motor died after a year in a huge cloud of smoke while making a long cut.

                          Replaced it with a ¾ HP, 3-phase motor that I happen to have. Added capacitors so I could run it on single-phase power. Thus I guess HP is now only ½ but I have never stalled the motor nor does it sound like it is even working hard.

                          Also do not use the Chinese replacement saw blades. You can get a name brand like Starrett, etc. for the same price or “less”. They cut better and last longer.


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                            Dont worry about the motor . a washing machine motor will work. my 7 x12 W F Wells cut off saw wses a 1/3 dayton brand with out ball bearings .just bronze bushings on shaft . Been working about 25 years now no trouble .If and when it weares out i will go find something else to mount on it . 1/3 ,1/2 3/4 H.P> or what ever Dont matter. My 18 inch Grobe vertical only has a 3/4 220 single phase motor and works fine. If the drive belts fit the pulleys right and you have the right blade and speed for the material you cutting the rest dont matter.
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                              I was going to be the only post saying I did not like the saw but after reading a new use hear I may keep it. I already have a Grizz 6.5x9.5 that I truly love. I like the idea of leaving the HF vert. with the table mounted all the time. The 1/2" blade will be better for cutting non straight cuts (I mean on purpose) and it may work ok for that. The Grizz blade is 3/4 wide. The trouble I had with the HF saw after the motor burnt up I mean is the blade kept jumping off.
                              I have a 3/4 hp on it now (cost more than the whole saw) and it is so much better. The table is somewhat smaller than the Grizz table but it will be easier than changing it all the time.
                              Now I will use more room I do not have because of this enlightenment but I may thank you for it.
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