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    A friend has made himself a small internal grinder to use on his home-built lathe. For grinding with, say a 1" dia wheel, what RPM's should it run at? I might find him a motor for his belt drive setup. Is there an ideal surface speed for this small grinding wheel?

    Jack C.

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    "small" "home-built"; these are pieces of information that are tough to process.

    I have a Dumore tool-post grinder that can do internal work and I use it on a 12x36. The motor is a 1/4 horse with no-load spindle speed of 13,000rpm. You change pulleys to change rpm at the drive shaft, depending on the wheel/procedure.

    A 7/8" to 1" wheel would use a final drive spindle speed of ~21,000rpm, or ~ 5,000SFM.

    Wheels have a speed rating. If you spin a wheel not rated at that high rpm it will disintegrate in your face.
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      Surface speed is pretty much always around 5000 fpm.... The wheel determines the RPM to get that.

      So 1" = 1/4 foot (3") circumference, 20,000 rpm gets approx 5000 fpm. Not all wheels of that size are necessarily rated for it, and balance is an issue......

      Too many "home-built's" in your post...... I'm already backing away...

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan