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project: pushbutton depth gauge

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  • project: pushbutton depth gauge

    got a little tired of my calipers not fitting
    between my millhead and workpiece ... and not wanting to move the boring head, i chipped out a little depthgage thats working pretty well; thought i'd share.

    spoiled with digital depthgages and/or calipers i tried to stay away from a thumbscrew to hold the gauge in place .. esp since i'd set out to make a small gauge.
    between the limited space on the mill (boring head/workpiece) and the size of my fingers, i figured on the one handed approach.

    i made the gauge body spring loaded so, pressing on the button, dropped the rod to depth.. releasing locked the rod.

    works sort of like those button thingies that hold the cords on sweaters and jackets (hoods, etc).

    20mm x 20mm x 40 mm block (turn, mill, sand, file to pleasing shape) drilled along two axis.. one to hold 6mm drill rod (the depth gage) and another 14mm to hold the "button"

    the button is essentially a 14mm x 30mm rod rounded on one end with a 10mm hole that coincides with the 8mm hole for the drill rod.

    dropped a small spring (10mm x 12mm) in the gage body, pushed the button in till the holes lined up, then slipped in the drill rod.

    the tighter the spring you have, the larger i recommend making the cylindrical button.. saves wear on the thumby parts.

    nothing groundbreaking, and maybe they already exist, but 2 hours later and i was the proud owner of a mighty fine little depth gage (if i do say so myself).

    thats it
    good evening

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    Ooh, clever. And easy. I've had the same problem- I was going to order one of the little 4" dial calipers to see if that gained me a bit of room.

    You know, with a little finagling, you could mod the idea to take a 6" steel pocket rule, to get a direct reading (though not as accurate.)

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)