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  • Goodies from the show.

    I have wanted one of those articulated arm tapping machines for a while, similar to these:-

    But they have always been mega expensive and hard to get second hand. At the recent show I was able to buy an air motor and 7 clutched adaptors for one of these.
    The cost of the motor and collets was a lot less than 1/2 of a complete imported machine.
    I had thought about the machine but wasn't impressed on the build quality of the frames. In fact the ones in the link above look even worse as regards flimsyness.

    Managed to get a look last night for a couple of hours and the whole of this afternoon, didn't have a lot of time as I'm playing catchup for being away at the show but I know there are 300 laser brackets on their way for drilling and tapping and this would be nice.

    Looked at what was available and decided to simplify the design but also beef it up.
    All the frame tubes are 40mm [ 1-1/2" + ] 3mm box section with sealed ball races in all the joints. Managed to get it nearly finished, just need the air supply to it and a side check link to stop it taking the light tubes out when it's raised.
    I also want to weld some holders to the side so it carries it's own clutch units.

    Originally I was going to use two heavy tension springs to balance it but found a gas strut out of an X3 milling machine that was converted to CNC, bit of playing with length and pivot points and it's nearly in neutral balance, that was just pure luck.


    Rushing round like a blue arsed fly trying to get this finished, shop tidy day is tomorrow <g>

    Folded up view.

    Gas strut side. The chuck just to the side has been mounted on a spare holder so it can also drill then tap if needed. I also want to fit a countersink to another holder.

    Swung out over the vise which is where it will do most of it's work. It can also reach anywhere on the big steel work plate.


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    Sa Weeeet.


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      PDN (Pretty Damn Neat)!
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        Nice been wanting to build one for years. We had two of the at a place i had worked for years. And they were great. Tap any thing from 4-40 - 7/8 -9 never brake another tap and fast .Ours were mounted on a steel top bench about 2½by 4 feet and I mounted some kurt vises on end for small parts. I would like to build a small on that would go to ½ ".
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          didnt don use to build those? always wanted to make one myself

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            Nice job! Thats a good project.


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              Fantastic job John!

              Is the "air motor" a pneumatic screwdriver?
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                No the air motor is more like the heavy duty drills you get with a planetary gearbox at the bottom and a Jacobs taper.
                There is a quick release clutch fitted to this taper to take the holders. It runs at an advertised speed of 400 rpm, might seem fast but the clutches protect the tap.

                Main difference to a normal air drill is the operating levers. There is a paddle on the side as normal to start the drill and a small button on the opposite side that reverses the rotation.

                In use you hold the paddle down, start the tap and let it feed in and when deep enough you press the button with your thumb and it reverses out, then swing to the next hole.

                I had played with the idea of using my 1/2" geared air drill to drive a tapmatic type head but found out I could get just the motor and most importantly, the clutches, off the UK importer.
                This way I can leave each clutch setup with a tap and just swap over.

                Hopefully should have it running later today but waiting at the moment for a big 1/4 ton rotor with the keyway screwed off to be dropped off and that takes preference.


                Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                  Very,very slick
                  Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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