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    I recently acquired a 14 in Fay and Scott engine lathe. The machine came in pieces, but all the important ones seem to be there. I would like to set up a line shaft to power it and a few other pieces of equipment. The original counter shaft is with it. What do you suggest to do about a clutch? I would like to stay away from belt tighteners if possible.

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    Loose and tight pulleys and a stick?

    That is the REAL way.......


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      I build a lot of belt driven machines and can get belt clutches that work well.



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        Used to be a lot of one armed men in the fabric mills that ran off the belts and pulleys, common shaft drive. (for some reason)


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          Maybe you could set up a two belt system where the jack shaft pivots to tighten both belts.It should be reasonably safe and trouble free.
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            I put an air clutch/brake assembly on an old cone head lathe at work you can find them in junk yards and surplus dealers or there is another possibility you could use an electric clutch off of an auto a/c compressor,I had heard someone say something about using a capacitor in line so it doesn't snap into engagement.A thrid option is to use an old hydraulic drum brake and master cylinder to build your own,just a thought.
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