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galled aluminum???

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  • galled aluminum???

    I was using an endmill on some aluminum and it got all galled up. How do I get the aluminum off my endmill?? It won't pick off. The endmill is a kenmetal endmill. Thanks in advance for the help. Fred

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    You could lube it up and mill a piece of steel,that will sometimes clean it off.Or you could soak the endmill in a caustic solution like Castrol Super Clean mixed 50/50 with water.It won't hurt the endmill,but will dissolve the aluminum completely.
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      Hi,Fred.When i have this problem,i put the end mill in the vise with the teeth facing out.Using a small punch,tap the stuff out towards the end.Nine times out of ten,it will just pop out.If it's really melted into the spiral,I'm afraid you'll have to go with wierd's dissolving method.I have heard laquer thinners will also melt ally,but have no personal experience with this.


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        Thanks for the tips, I tried picking it out but will now try the dissolve method. Appreciate the help FRed


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          Lye might do it but it would take a long time. Think either Drano Max or Red Devil dissolved in water (the RD not the drano, you want it as strong as you can get it)
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            I second Matador's method. Done it dozens of times.

            Same concept except I have the end mill facing up and tap the clogged aluminum down towards the shank.

            Either way is fine, it doesn't take much to knock it loose. Just be careful not the hit the cutting edges.

            You might want to examine why this is happening. In my case it usually happens when deep milling and I lose coolant flow for some reason.


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              I guess that was the problem I was having.

              I was cut aluminum and the metal would "mush-up" and get all stuck in the cutter. I tried several fixes such as slower cutting speed, less material removal, etc. but nothing seemed to work. I even tried a brand new cutter and it still "clogged" the cutter teeth. I finished the cuts but I had to stop every few passes to clean the cutter teeth. I wasn't using any cooling when I was cutting. Maybe that would be the fix I need.


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                Do you have compressed air in your shop?
                Hint: A good steady blast of air will keep the aluminum chips from galling-up on endmills.


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                  Varsol or WD40 work well for a 'cutting oil' for aluminum too.



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                    Lubricate with kerosene. You can mist or stream with a small pump bottle. Cheap`n nasty.
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                      What is the alloy?

                      Originally posted by laddy
                      I was using an endmill on some aluminum and it got all galled up.
                      Surprised to see that no one has yet mentioned; What is the alloy? The alloy may be a significant contributing factor to your problems.

                      Some of the softer (3xxx) and (5XXX) series alloys which do not machine well, will gall much easier than the harder (6XXX) or (7XXX) alloys. Do you know for certain what the alloy is? Or is it a mystery?

                      Also consider the number of flutes on the endmill.
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                        mURATIC acid. The stuff to clean concrete. Get it in lows or Ho-depot
                        Was the alum extruded?


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                          Try a ripper style cutter & air to clear chips, WD40 for lube, you should get through nearly anything that way,
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                            WD-40 works great as a unti-gumming lube with alum. and many other non-ferrous mat:l's,kero works well to but can set a fire as it is a fuel after all.
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