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    yes it is a hoax

    look at the pictures they are using perspective to their advantage

    all except the bottom right hand corner one ...there you see the real size of it ..normal thinks

    all the best.mark


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      Hog- deer if they are not dropped in thier tracks, the adrenalin gets up.. it is near inedible. I shot a deer, blowed it's heart out, a hole in the bottom of it's chest emptied it's blood, it ran about 100 yards after it was out of blood.. The trail was over a foot wide then just stopped.. I heard it kicking in a spring, laying there in the water trying to run. My sympathy was up.. nothing worse than a slow kill to make a soft hearted person feel bad. It was so gamey meat you could not stand to be in the house cooking it. I fed most of it to the dog after cooking it in grannys iron pot.

      Ever hear one cry? Most people don't think deer make noise. They bleet, cry, grunt.

      Hogs they are noisy too.

      The Marty Staffauer "wild america" had a really good special on wild hogs and the damage they have done to our ecology. They destroy wild turkey eggs, nests, fawns, small animals and root up and destroy lots of wood animals food.. they are not "natural" to the south, but were imported and escaped.

      The Russian boars are the mean ones, the domestic hogs, well they are all scarred up from dealing with the russian ones. They fence with them tusks, rub pine trees to get the sap into thier shoulder hair, makes a organic form of fiberglass like shield on thier hide. It sounds like wood when you rap your knuckles on a big ones shoulder.

      One good thing? there is less snakes in the woods where there is a large hog population, they kill em.
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        I have no doubt that the actual weight is correct. They biased all the photos with people in them by putting the hog in the foreground.
        I have a friend in Co. that killed a wild boar there that went over a 1000 pounds, gutted. HE is a butcher and I have never seen a pic, I don't know if one was taken. I have seen the skull, it is setting on the counter in a local gunshop here in my hometown in OK. It has quite a set of tusks, and one big hole right in the forehead from a single shot of a 30.30 cal. bullet.


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          If the actual weight is correct then the reported length isn't. They can't both be correct. It's physically impossible.

          Although I'd like to see this one first hand, I can't understand why y'all find it impossible that large hogs exist.
          For the same reason that you never see 1000 lb dogs. They don't grow that big, ever. The giant hog stories are the south east version of bigfoot.


          A hog just might reach 1000 lbs but the reported size doesn't match that weight and neither does the pic (using forced perspective, a standard hollywood trick). I have had to deal with a 600 lb sow one place I lived so 1000 lbs seems possible. But, to match the reported length it would need to weigh at least 3000 lbs and that isn't possible.
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            The REAL question is: Can you get bacon from it and if so where do I order? If not, it's a useless creature.

            This product has been determined by the state of California to cause permanent irreversible death. This statement may or may not be recognized as valid by all states.
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              Originally posted by dharnell
              Does anyone else feel upset that it took 9 shots to kill the boar? When I hunted I was always told one shot, if you can't drop it with one shot, wait till you have a better shot. The odd time I had to use a second shot to dispatch the animal. My two cents.

              Nope, It is called hunting,If it takes 1 or 10 shots it is dead and not suffering.

              I say this assuming it is not a hoax, and if it is a hoax so could be the number of shots.


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                giant hog

                I saw a castrated boar on a farm in Ontario about 1980 that weighed in at over a thousand pounds . It was quite old . The tusks looked like corkscrews and it's sheath draged the ground when it walked.
                Don Miller


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                  I say it is a hoax.
                  The difficulty of moving a dead animal of that size to pose it with its head on a log is not something that you could do easily. It would require a lot of work and some heavy equipment or an A-frame with lots of tackle. None of which is visible in the frame. Logically some of the tackle would still be under the animal because you wouldn't remove it after lifting the animal for the pose. You would need it again to load the carcass on the truck. And if you were going to do all that, you would do more to establish its size. It's another hoax.



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                    Being pretty close to here, the local newspaper carried an AP article in today's paper. The news article says it was in a commercial hunting preserve, and they had to cut down trees in order to get a backhoe in to manipulate it and carry it out of the woods and load it onto a truck.

                    So what if the perspective in the picture makes it appear larger, that hardly constitutes a hoax. There's hardly any way you can take a picture without foreground features appearing larger.

                    Now if they'd gone out and bought a dead rhino or some such, and dressed it up as a hog..., yeah, that could be called a hoax.
                    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                      It sure doesn't look 10 1/2 feet long in this pic. More like around 5 feet. Not coincidentally, that would be consistent with a weight around 1000 lbs, as reported. They are lying about the length, plain and simple. The rest of the pics are taken to exaggerate the apparent size of the hog, which they are lying about.

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                        There is no indication on the ground that the animal had been lyning there. It is probably one more indication of a fabrication.



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                          Seems like pix of that same pig, with another proud hunter
                          made the rounds several years ago. Shot looks like
                          the kid is some ways behind the pig. Local paper had
                          this on the front page, probably going to be red faced
                          in a few days when the truth comes out.


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                            A little more info on Porky....
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                              Originally posted by Evan
                              Hoax. The boar as shown in the pic and reported is too large for the stated weight by at least 3 times.
                              No, It's real, they used perspective tricks to make it look larger than it actually is. The boy for instance, is something like 10 feet back of the pig, making the pig appear larger.

                              Here's another photo of the same animal, and the length and weight being confirmed. Note that while it is being hosted by the shooters father, the article did appear on the local news website.

                              While it would indeed be a record for a Wild boar, domestic pigs have been known to grow larger - in at least 1 confirmed case, 1300lbs.

                              As for the whole "having to shoot it 8 times", something to remember is that feral hogs like to rub pine trees which deposits sap on their shoulder area over time. When it hardens, the sap is extremely tough, and can be upwards of 6 inchs thick.

                              I did some investigating, and it appears that the revolver in question was not a .500 S&W, but rather a .460 S&W from the performance center.

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                                No, It's real, they used perspective tricks to make it look larger than it actually is. The boy for instance, is something like 10 feet back of the pig, making the pig appear larger.
                                No it isn't. They aren't just making it appear larger, they are saying it is. They are claiming it is ten feet seven inches long, the size of a 2 ton Rhino. It isn't. That's a hoax.


                                BTW, this pic is one of the weakest jobs of 'photoshopping' I have seen in a while. Anyone care to explain why Peewee and Bubba are casting sharp edged shadows of their heads on the barn a 100 feet away but nothing on the ground?

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