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The Dore - Westbury mill

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  • The Dore - Westbury mill

    Just an information post as I dare say not many made it across the water.
    Just found this picture of one.

    The original was designed by Edgar T Westbury as a kit to be made in the home workshop. Later re-designed by Arnold Thropp and Ivan Law [ Gears and gear cutting book fame] and made at Ivan's company Model Engineering Services.

    It was made as a kit of parts, all supplied down to the last screw, that could be made on a Myford series lathe and drilling machine.
    All parts bigger than that were pre-finished. Things like the column and beds were finish ground.

    The slides were on flat strips as opposed to dovetails so they could be assembled at home using nothing but a drill and taps. It's possible to see the Y axis build up in the picture.
    This made a very well supported slide and it's ironic that most of the bigger machining centres are now on 'box' ways as they are called.
    The spindle was bored and reamed No2 Morse and the outside was threaded the same as a Myford so you could swop parts between the two machines.

    The kit was split into 7 parts making it easier to buy and build as you went along. It could be made in 5 parts if you didn't want the epicyclic low speed gearbox which was mounted inside the top pulley [ hidden in this pic behind a guard ]
    From memory this got you down to 38 revs I think, which was handy for bigger cutters.

    It was a very versatile machine and had many extras, all as kits.
    The vise on the table was one and unique in that because of it's extended sole plate it could open a long way and still be rigid, something that up until then was impossible to find is a small size.

    Other extras were a boring and facing head that was all lathe work, no milling needed and a series of rotary tables.
    You have to remember this was in to 1970 and 80's, long before cheap imports came on the scene and they filled a much needed gap in the UK market.


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    Here are a couple of photos of a FINE example made and owned by Owen Jeffers in Prescott AZ. Owen has BEEN exceptionally helpful in providing me some construction info to help me make up one of these from a sparse set of parts. Basically castings and slides. All small parts are missing, so there will be a lot to make from scratch

    Kind regards



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      Thank you Peter,
      A lot of differences there. The head for one , larger quill clamp and the handwheel on the opposite side.
      Lack of the cast handwheel supports.
      Perhaps this was an earlier model ?

      Somewhere I still have all the original drawings and build notes from the one I made.

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        That second machine is the MK 2,same as mine,but not as rough.



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          I remember seeing the same screw adjustment column on a Russian made bench mill made about 1970.

          Is that type column adjustment a more common feature on small machines across the pond than here?

          The machine I saw was in the back of a Russian army field service truck which also housed a full sized and featured gearhead lathe,toolpost grinder and portable boring bar.I could have bought the whole setup including the truck body and all the small tooling for $1000,but I was uneasy about Russian equipment after having dealy with a few Russian tractors
          I just need one more tool,just one!