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    Sometimes at Wyman_Gordon Co. tooling that has been replaced by newer stuff is simply thrown into the scrap box. Some of that stuff ends up in my shop, through proper channels of course. Such was the case with some indexable carbide lathe tools, with 1" square shanks, a couple of years ago. Having an AX Aloris tool post I would have to mill the lathe tools in order to fit them into the tool holders, I was unwilling to do this so I set them aside. I happend acrossed them the other day and like a bolt from the blue I new what I needed to do, it was so simple I am embaressed to say I didn't think of it when I brought the tooling home.
    I put it in my mill vise and milled it to fit the dovetail of my tool post. DUH!!!!!! Now I can use them without tying up a tool holder.

    Paul G.
    Paul G.

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    Great idea!


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      I've got to remember that one. I have a few of those large insert tools hanging around on the shelf for quite a few years now.

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        I've been doing this on a Hardinge for about three years. One thing to be careful of is the amount of overhang from the mounting surface of the tool post. Keep it as close as you can. It's no problem with say CNMG type holders but when you get into the VNMG's it can get to be excessive. One important tip. Keep your insert radius to the smallest you can get your hands on. The larger the radius the more problems you have in smaller machines
        Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.