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In keeping with the off topic posts What is your favorite recipe ?

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  • In keeping with the off topic posts What is your favorite recipe ?

    With all the food on the other topic it got me wondering and hungry.

    And Wolf's a$$ isn't on the menu so don't flame me for posting this.

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    Originally posted by IOWOLF
    And Wolf's a$$ isn't on the menu so don't flame me for posting this.
    I hear it's a little gamey tasting anyway.

    The favorite around here rotates slowly. Ginger scones for breakfast were pretty good. Current dinner favorite right now is probably a penne pasta with asparagus and and an alfredo sauce (white wine, garlic, cream, parmesan). Hmm, better go see what's in the kitchen.

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      "I hear it's a little gamey tasting anyway."

      Have you been talking to *.*.****** ? He has been eating it of late .


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        [QUOTE=IOWOLFHave you been talking to *.*.****** ? He has been eating it of late .[/QUOTE]

        He did manage to mumble a little bit between the fits of gagging. I didn't stick around, things being what they were.
        "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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          bon bons and cornbread.

          Bon Bons recipe

          4 oz cream cheese room temp
          4 tbspoons butter room temp
          1 Lb powdered sugar

          cream all together so they are mixed use hands to knead if neccesary.
          add 14oz bag or 5 1/3 cups sweetened shredded coconut Mix througholy..

          Use 1" melon baller to make sized nuggets you want, roll them into smooth balls, refrigarate for at least a hour so they are firm and don't fall apart in the melted chocolate.

          Using a double boiler, heat 24oz bark dipping chocolate (or use chocolate chips.. I love bitter) to fluid and smoothe.. using chopsticks dip chilled cocoanut balls in chocolate , roll them around and set them on waxpaper to dry, refrigarate. We've done white, bitter and sweet chocolate now.

          We modified the original recipe so far, this is not even close.. I like this mucho better.. Makes about five dozen.. about the perfect poppin in your mouth size..

          (yeah my daughter is here, helping make em and eat em)

          Copied from my post on Adrians site.. NOW the bad news.. I can't eat them anymore.. My sugar level still swings up and down.. any extreme food or candy, or caffiene sends me into a "cold" feet sugar shock.

          HOW about my cornbread?
          About two cups self rising cornmeal,
          a cup self rising flour
          a teaspoon baking powder,
          1/3rd cup oil
          three chopped up jalepeno peppers
          1/3rd can sweet corn kernels
          enough buttermilk to make a nice batter
          (left out the egg...) 1 EGG.. or two if you feel yellow..

          stir it all together, get the skillet hot on top of oven on eye or in the oven.. when you pour the mix in, it sizzles to sear the outside.. bake 435 degrees till brown on top and knife comes out dry. at my location above sea level is about 35 minutes. Best with beans, eating it with milk *country boy cereal style gives me indigestion.. It fluffs up like cake.. man so light..

          We eat this with gumbo, pinto-beans.. or our ham-potato soup..
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          Excuse me, I farted.


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            Favorite Foods!

            Green Chili Pie anyone?

            Then again, I've not had "Bangers & Mash with Mushy Peas" since about 1985, (last visit the the Old country).

            Les H.
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              LES... WIfe says you can't post a picture like that without a recipe or link to one..

              She means it too.
              Excuse me, I farted.


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                Tonight, its gonna be Copper River King Salmon- just got a little piece, a bit over a pound- 30 bucks! Of course, it will feed 4 of us, and in a restaurant, it would be 30 bucks a head.

                I just make a glaze for it of crushed garlic, butter, soy sauce and mayo, then brush it on top, and grill it. Flip it once, to make the garlic glaze brown.

                I dont cook it much- one step past red inside, barely "salmon" colored, and it melts in your mouth like butter.

                Lately I have been cooking a lot of Thai and Burmese as well- made some really good Tod Mun last week, which is fried fish cakes, ground up fish with red chile paste, green beans, and red onions, with a sweet and sour vinegar/cucumber dipping sauce.

                Last night I made a Burmese recipe for sauteed onion, tumeric, green bean and potato salad, yellow and spicy.

                Summer in the Skagit Valley means all the best stuff on earth is fresh and a few minutes away- fruits, berries, veggies, oysters, clams, prawns, fish, eggs and milk fresh from the farm, Rhonda Gothbergs homemade goat cheeses, organic beef, lamb, and pork from the neighbors, fresh pasta from Lummi Island, homemade sausages, free range chickens, asparagus and peaches from 100 miles away east of the mountains, and beer from any of a dozen local microbreweries.


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                  Originally posted by Ries
                  Tonight, its gonna be Copper River King Salmon- just got a little piece, a bit over a pound- 30 bucks!
                  Same here, copper river salmon is in the stores. $13 a pound at costco I think it was...


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                    Slobber, DROOOOOLLL.

                    Tough to beat salmon. I like to catch 'em on the Siuslaw River here in Oregon. However, it's a fall run, so mine come from the freezer, until september. I catch 'em, slam 'em, bleed 'em and put 'em on ice. usually filleted, and vac packed within a couple hours of catch.

                    I've yet to try the cedar board, but have heard that if you are going to do it on the BBQ drilling a few holes in the board makes for a little more even cooking. One of my favorite ways to prepare it is to mix up sour cream and orange marmalade in approx 50/50 mix. Pack the skinless fillet in the mixture, in a hunk of tinfoil. bake or barbee to suit, I usualy go about 10-12 min on the barbee. But there's got to be a million ways to do fish, and I like 'em all.

                    I cut it off twice; it's still too short
                    Oregon, USA


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                      Recipe for Cajun Chicken Gumbo

                      Ingredients should be fresh:

                      1/2 cup oil
                      1/2 cup flour
                      1 – 10 oz. can tomato soup
                      1 package of 4 chicken breasts, cubed into bite sized pieces
                      2 strips of bacon, cubed
                      1 medium to large yellow onion, very finely chopped
                      1 cup carrots, very finely chopped
                      1 ancho or poblano pepper, very finely chopped (may substitute with green Bell pepper but may be slightly bitter)
                      2 sticks celery, very finely chopped
                      3-4 oz of beer
                      3 bay leaves
                      1 tablespoon minced garlic or 4 cloves, mashed
                      1 teaspoon honey
                      Red pepper flakes, black pepper, salt, oregano to taste

                       Basic roux - Heat oil over medium-high heat in a deep, heavy pan. Stir in flour and continue to stir constantly until very smooth with no lumps and roasted to at least the color of peanut butter - or a little darker if you like but be careful not to burn. This should take about 15-20 minutes - I find it best to use a flat spatula to lift the flour away from the pan as it roasts. Pay attention when the color darkens as it will easily burn at this point.
                       Add onion, carrots, pepper, celery and tomato soup to roux. Add about a cup of water to keep from burning, turn down to high simmer and cover. At this point, the mix should be bubbling but not so dry that it can stick to the pan bottom, so add water sparingly until it is wet enough to drip off a spoon. Some water will come out of the vegetables and it should not look watery at this point.
                       In a separate pan, brown the bacon over medium-high heat then remove with a slotted spoon and add to roux.
                       Brown the chicken in the bacon grease and add to roux.
                       Deglaze pan with beer and reduce the stock by half while stirring then add to roux.
                       Add honey, bay leaves, garlic and spices to taste. The bacon adds salt so season after all other ingredients are in the pot.
                       Cover and simmer for at least 45 minutes. Be sure to remove bay leaves before serving over fresh rice. You may add cayenne pepper if more heat is desired but go sparingly. I typically add Tabasco at the table to each serving according to individual taste preference.


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                        Real food

                        For dinner last night we had mince and onions lightly seasoned with ground black peppercorns and thickened with arrowroot, together with mashed potatoes (with mustard seed)and fresh frozen peas on the side. The missus usually uses flour and water to thicken but has been studying the gourmet cooking hasn`t she.
                        Tonight we get the same once more because there was left overs. God I`m spoilt!!

                        today for lunch I knocked up an omelet that was more like a stir fry. 4 beaten eggs, 2 onions, diced sliced ham and 2 handfulls of frozen peas. Thrown into the buttered pan on a moderate heat. I attempted to flip it but no go so it ended up on my plate as goolash. A light drizzle of thai chilli sauce. Bon appetite


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                          Originally posted by HWooldridge
                          Recipe for Cajun Chicken Gumbo
                          Hold on there, pardner - there's neither Filé nor okra in this gumbo. Around here we'd call that a pot of soup . Looks delicious, regardless.


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                            Tough to beat salmon.
                            I agree to that.

                            How about a fresh barbequed garden vegetable stuffed salmon topped with strips of roasted red pepper on a bed of sweet basmati rice?

                            Mind you, I have never met a fish I didn't like.

                            Here's a seared slice of Asahi tuna on a bed of fresh fried potato skins and deep fried prawn crackers surrounded by fresh steamed zuchinni and topped with golden brown french fries all sprinkled with a few dabs of hot sauce.

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                              1 lb, 10oz jar of Prego Traditional
                              2 26oz cans of Contadina Tomato Sauce
                              2 26oz cans of Contadina Tomato Puree
                              1 cup of water.
                              1 level teaspoon of Basil (don't matter if it says Sweet Basil or not and don't put in too much or it gets bitter)
                              RESIST THE URGE TO ADD SALT...

                              Simmer in pan for about 3 1/2 hours or until it sticks to a butter knife and don't run off watery. Iron pots may work best for chili but not for this dish. Makes a sweet tasting spaghetti sauce that rivals that of the best Italian restaurants. Serve over your favorite pasta and come back and try to tell me it wasn't the best sauce you've ever had !

                              If you're married to an Italian don't let her see how easy it is to make this or she will break down in tears !

                              (BTW, the Contadina brand is sold locally but any brand that isn't loaded up with sodium should work just as well)

                              I spent years seeking out the perfect spaghetti recipe and never found it. My dad showed me how to do this. He made this fantastic baked Italian Sausage dish with this exact sauce, thats where I got the idea from. Take dad's dish to a picnic and the dish always comes home empty! (to make Dad's sausage recipe use the long link, cut them into 6" pieces, boil them in water for about 15 minutes to release excess fats and oils then place in deep baking dish, pack with onion slices and green peppers and then throw in sauce mix contents over it all. Bake for 3 1/2 hours at 350 degrees. It helps to line the dish with a little sauce first so any water still in/on the sausage won't get trapped on the bottom)
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