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suggestions for lifting boat dock

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    If you hang your brackets from chain and have a slot in the top of the post like I described then you could use the lever idea to lift the bracket. You would have to drill some holes in the post tubes. The lever would go through the chain and into the hole in the post. Then after lifting, a new link is dropped into the slot and the excess goes down inside the post tube. No more set screws.


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      Spencer has best idea yet, I think. put a collar around the post (before installing the chain), make a forked lever with a chain hook (or slot). Then jck it up a link or more at a time- piece of cake!!!

      Was gonna suggest a "walking chain binder", but thats one of those common tools that don't seem to be around any more.

      Edit comment- if you try the gin pole/coupling idea, keep in mind that you should weld- not thread- the reducer. Pipe is very weak at the threaded joints. been there (blushing). If you try the threaded joint wear a bathing suit and pick warm weather/water.

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        Once I visualize a problem I sometimes can't get it out of my head for a while. The problem with levering up the bracket is that you would be trying to lift up on the lever. This would work fine if you are in the water and standing on the ground but ideally you want to be on the dock. So now you need a special lever where the fulcrum is on the pipe but the lever is on the other side so that you can lever down as the bracket and chain lifts up. This way all of the force you apply is working for you and reducing the load of your weight on the bracket. Good luck.