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  • are we addicted?

    Are we addicted to owning tools buying tools,hoarding tools,?I was told by an eldery chap at our retired engineers club at a large college in Glasgow that like all the others there I was too addicted to tools.You know what I think he's correct everyone at the club would rather have new tools, gadgets,machines etc than posh clothes or fancy watches or expensive stereo's etc,And I simply, like all of them, love to add to my tool collection and like nothing better than the latest (must be useable) gadget,or even buying an old tool machine and restoring it.When my sons were younger they looked upon my obsession with amusement but no sense of animosity or anything of the kind, now they are older they can see the sense and usefulness of a home workshop woodworking or machining as they now own or rent their own property the can now find things to do.I am currently building a fancy computer desk made of sapele and stainless steel and it's to my middle son,who's a doctor's own design he is taking delight in seeing it shape up.I pray that when I am no longer able to do anything they will eventually take over the workshops and carry on with projects of their own making as I would hate to see my years of tool buying be sold for cents to the dollar.Do you guys feel the same?Alistair
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Hello, my name is Bill, and I AM a toolaholic!!
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      I didn't have to work today but still got up at my usual 4AM for a run into the LA Basin. Brother Joe had my latest McMaster shopping list ready for me.

      I usually pick this stuff up on my way to a jobsite somewhere but with 3 days off there was no way I was gonna be without some metal to work on.

      The last thing I told him as I drove away was , "Thanx for the fix."



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        Me too
        John R


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          A toolaholic that's a good one Alistair
          Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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            Hello my name is Norton and I too am a Toolaholic
            I am a first class machinst in a busy job shop by day and have a full machine and fab shop with foundry in my garage.Seems I was born to work metal besides there are a lot of worse things I could be doing with my time(like watching tv or video games)


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              Well the Nittany Antique Machinery Association show is this weekend in Centre Hall, PA. You'll notice a skinny old bald guy running from vendor to vendor in the flea market buying up old tools. Be nice to him, he knows where you hang out. LOL

              Home Model Engine Machinist


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                drool, drool, pant, pant, I wanna go with you Rick, but, darn, it's to far away to haul all the junk, I mean stuff back here.
                It's only ink and paper


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                  Hello my nane is Lane ,and I am a toolaholic and I am addicted to E-Bay
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                    yes its an addiction, those not addicted cannot understand why we fall asleep dreaming of Hardinges and Tig Welders instead of 911 turbos and golfing vacations. I saw the most beautiful european made jewelers lathe the other day, bigger than a boley, more like unimat complete 100's of collets, chucks, milling attachment, compound etc etc etc. I don't really have a use for it, but man it was so beautifully made that I definitely coveted it and want one! its a disease

                    I've always said only half joking that the beauty of machining as that as a hobby there are almost no practical purposes associated with the domicile - you're leisure time is not encumbered with the projects for the house; the plague of the woodworker, However, a computer desk is the one domestic piece i did build

                    how is yours coming, any photos?
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                      What are you talking about...

                      Doesn't everyone have, two lathes (for wood & metal), two drill press (for wood & metal), three band saws, two (woodworking) planers, I do miss my second tablesaw, I only have one jointer (but it's 12"), and then there is the overhead router, a small vert mill, a whole bunch of "tailed" tools (electric and air), even more "muscle power" tools, a few boxes to keep them all in, and a few benches to stand in front of...

                      and then spend hours out looking for "just the right" tool, that would have made the last job "a whole lot easier".
                      Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                        I've been making things for projects that I haven't even started yet.Like a hold down plate for my walker turner drill press I'm going to rebuild....

                        And I used this 65 year old mill to make it......

                        So I think I have a bad addiction,also addicted to E-Pay