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"Improvers Special" CNC - Lathe upgrade

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  • "Improvers Special" CNC - Lathe upgrade

    Having been overwhelmed by the advice and enthusiasm of the HSM Forum for both a challenge and up-grading lathes to CNC, I present for your approval and edification the following "Improver's special".

    From the machine supplier to "oldtiffie" himself who graces us with his money (an nothing else!!)

    Note the following:
    - "Colchester" - made in the UK;
    - solid construction;
    - unique lubrication system;
    - variable-speed drive;
    - back-gears;
    - change-gears;
    - thread-chaser;
    - threading half-nuts;
    - super smooth drive;
    - no "carbon foot-print";
    - power-failure proof;
    - unique QCTP and cross slide;
    - accuracy only limited by your own ability; and
    - a unique "once in a life-time chance" for your own unique x 2 CNC-ed lathe.

    The pics say it all.

    Just picture you "making chips" this unique machine - but only if you seize the unique chance that has come your way!!!

    Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! - there are not many left!!!

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    Well ain't that the dead-simplest "half"-nut you ever saw? I love it.

    Dig the "connecting rod", too.


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      aaaaawwwwwwwwww shes just lovely, would look great in shiny black next to my project Britannia shaper- muscle power!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Great "Gap" also!
        Les H.
        The Impossible Takes Just A Little Bit Longer!


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          now that you have unveiled this to the world, how long before Harbor Freight has a compeating model?


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            will the new user be able to sell thier carbon credits?
            scariest thing to hear " I am from the government and i am here to help"