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More HP needed? or is there another solution?

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  • More HP needed? or is there another solution?

    Hey all,

    I am reasonably new to machinig , I have access to a small Taig mill with limited tooling. I recently made a gear hob attachment for my Advance lathe, while making it i needed to face some steel on all 6 sides using the largest milling bit i have ..... all of 1/4 inch in diameter. So I decided it was time to make a face cutter seeing as i have quite a few carbide inserts i have acquired from ebay.

    So i came up with a simple 40mm face cutter that has a 3/4 inch thread to screw directly onto the Taigs spindle.

    Now I decided try facing a scrap piece of steel, using .1mm cuts at 200mm/min all seemed to be going well and after 5 passes i was quite impressed.

    Although after another couple passes things started sounding not so good, the motor begin slowing down while making a pass getting progressively slower. so i quickly reduced to feed override (using Mach3 CNC) and sure enough the motor speed up... but the cuts no longer have the nice finish like before.

    I immediately thought uh oh there is something wrong with the angle of the inserts and i have dulled them already, however upon inspection they looked perfect. So I decided to make things a bit easier on the mill and changed the steel for aluminium. It cut like butter with .1mm cuts at 400mm/min I did a 10 passes all is well here.

    So i think the 1/8 hp motor is getting to hot and as it does this the hp is reducing?? if you really work the motor too hard the thermal shutdown kicks in... is great for chipping bis!!

    I have considered adding a cooling fan, or alternatively getting a larger motor, what do you guys think?

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    I mated a sherline head and motor to my Taig... Much improved.

    My Taig wouldn't hardly turn the spindle at high rpm, much less make a cut.

    The sherline motor and spindle isn't a cheap option though. It was an easy choice for me because I already had tooling for the Sherline.

    The Sherline motor has a lot more power. I still added a cooling fan for marathon CNC sessions, not sure if it was needed or not but I felt better having it there.


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      Definitely more hp will help.

      Not sure about the insert angle. Looking at your piece of steel I see rolling over of the cut material at the part edge, a more positive geometry might help. Tilting the insert back a bit at the top will help rather than having it in a flat pocket.

      Is that a CCMT insert? The corner radius might be better if it was less, that looks like a 1/32" radius.

      For aluminum and plastics those inserts come in a very high positive configuration with an uncoated, polished surface. They cut like butter (but, I don't think you'll find those on ebay).