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A new gecko drive for my indexer

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  • A new gecko drive for my indexer

    I just recieved another gecko drive for my indexer on my bridgeport. The common way to use it I am told is to replace the Y axis on the table with the indexer drive. Any Comments?

    The reason I didn't just put a plug on the drive and the Y axis is I have them Large nema 42 motors on the mill. They run at 7 amps 68vdc.
    The motor I am using on the indexer is a 28 volt motor, but in the past I have converted the wattage of the motor and current limited it to the wattage required. So far I have not smoked anything. (well maybe that variac adjustable transformer)
    One of my old hippy electrician buddies used to say when you let all the good smoke out of a motor, it is not any good any more.. you got to keep that good smoke in there, choke. (I wonder where he ended up?)

    Any input will be appreciated.

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    Normally I would hook it up to a forth axis (assuming the knee or quill is the third).