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  • 5C Spin Index

    Are they rigid enough for milling work? They look a little flimsy to me.

    If so, why bother with those 5C blocks? (Hex and square)? Doesn't usually seem to be a great difference in price.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    I have an old Enco model that I have made several hex and square chuck keys with. I don't take heavy cuts. It has done everything I've asked it to. One can index any number that will evenly devide into 360 deg. If you are doing high precision work then you'll want a fine deviding head. Mine is quick to set up and easy to use...


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      Yes, they are used for milling and grinding - like anything, discretion is the best path to follow and not go ape**** while working with them.

      The blocks are not as useful, but can be handy for odd jobs and throwing into the chuck (if you have a 5C chuck - they are not as useful).