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    Have any of you guys/gals purchased items from VME (Victor Machinery Exchange) located in New York. If so, how did you find the prices and quality of merchandise. I keep getting catalogs from them and from what I can see the prices look reasonable. Just inquiring.

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    Haven't bought from them, but I also got a catalog from them yesterday.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      I found them to be a just a little higher than Grizzly, HF and a few other places on their Chinese stuff.



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        Don't want to hurt anyones feelings, but.. My antique leblond I got for 700 is a lot better than any new chinese lathe I have saw lately.

        Something for craftsmanship, you hardly ever see it anymore. I found out purchasing a older real hi quality tool usually works out for me a lot better than a cheaper new one.

        Not just in tools thou. I worked at the hospital in Ft Oglethorpe ga, I noticed all the conduit that had been put in when it was built and the new stuff that had been added. America has lost the edge. I try to hold my standards, but.. Sometimes I get rushed to just complete a job so the contractor can make as many dollars minus my quality wages he can.

        When I found the boiler safteys that had been bypassed, I called everyone I knew at the hospital. Nobody cared, I called a friend at the Chattanooga engineers club. He became a instant hero for finding a major could be problem.

        Have we lost our edge? have we all got fat and lazy? ( I sure am larger )

        For a real bargain, look for a heavy hard to ebay lathe. It was ebayed 2 or three times. Mine weighs about 1200 pounds. easily moved with a shop crane. Lots of luck.


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          I have bought from VME. Liked it fine, and have bought other things from them since. They are on my "A" list of vendors.

          I found them not only to be competitive, but they also have more useful shop stuff and tooling. They stock stuff that HF would not even know what to call it.

          I dunno what IBEW was assuming, but not all of what they have is Chicom stuff, there is generally an option for US made, and some is UK, Polish, or Israeli.


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            I hear ya, IBEW! Canada too! The hydro generating station I operate has just recently had a major control room renovation. All the original (early 1960's) wiring for the lighting was done in rigid, with armored flex drops. They tore it all out and replaced it with BX. Took weeks. The only real changes needed were for two fixtures, but rather than do it right for two lousy fixtures, they spent thousands to completely replace what was perfectly fine and much better done than what's here now.

            (also IBEW!)

            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
            Not just in tools thou. I worked at the hospital in Ft Oglethorpe ga, I noticed all the conduit that had been put in when it was built and the new stuff that had been added. America has lost the edge.


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              I think you are right about losing the edge, but then again are also missing a lot. I lived in southern Illinois for quite a while while growing up. The local power plant was built in 1952. It had a plant design life of 40 years, as these things do and is still running. But now, it is past the falling apart time. So when this plant was built, it was pretty much a high piece technolgy. But look at cars then and now... I drive a 31 year old car. I also ride the bike when it is not working. Cars now are way, way better. But my car at 31 years old is sill way, way better than those made in '52. The technology has moved on.... Some of that move is on to semiconductors, which did not even exist in the early 60's. The quality level is ablsolutely surreal in that area. So while some things - like machine tools and arch. stuff is not as good, in general, everthing made now is generally way,way better. Our longer lifespans now even show that. Smoking was thought of as a good idea in the early '60s!!

              My SBLs are not to be replaced by 7x12 lathe-of-the days today, but precision Japanese CNC products dwarf what a precision Monarch or SB Lathe could ever do. Faster, more accurate, higher production..,.... Just different....

              If you wanted to get extremely high qualility mainland lathes, I don't see anything stopping it from happening - except our expectations. They will supply what we want and expect. So your accurate hit on Chinese stuff is aimed dead on to our expectations, not their supply of what we ask for.

              It is we who pay for cheap 7x12s. We could ask for something better, but how many of us can still make a pile of chips?

              - jr


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                Yes, VME is good. I'be bought Us and Eastern European tooling from them, to include drill chucks, drill bits, end mills, etc. I like their large, 6-flute end mills; I think they're made in Poland & seem to be very good quality. Prices are competitive with Travers, ENCO, Penn Tool, Grizzly, etc.




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                  Thanks for the replies. I will give VME a try since they are close by. I have the answers that I was looking for. Thanks again.
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