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new part for my vice i had to make

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  • new part for my vice i had to make

    part on the left is the dead part the part on the right is the now new part i made on my lathe, this unit is form a mastercraft swivel vice its a cheapie but it works for now till i can afford better any how the screw and nut stripped on me and the hole in it is where the locking lob runs to secure the vice solid ,,anyhow noting special but this is first time i have had to make a replacemt part for a tool, usualy its just airgun parts i make so this was a first and now my vice is good as new again and iam very happy with the results of it all...

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    Nice going! Looks like a pretty close match from what I can tell. Be sure to show/tell the wife. Things like this help justify all that machinery.


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      Use the money you saved making that part to buy a dust collector for your sander. That can't be healthy


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        thanks for the comments guys oh and the wife is ok with the machine shop she runs my wood shop for me ..just my side of things is more costly. we do have a shop vac for all the dust but i forgot to clean the thing first and nope its not healty ,for all that saw dust..

        well onto to the next project in life lol time for some custom BMX bike parts for my sons bike..