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Straddle Knurlers

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  • Straddle Knurlers

    What is the difference between straddle knurlers and scissors type knurlers?
    Are convex wheels that much better?
    I have to knurl 25" lengths on several 1 1/8" tubes.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Location: North Central Texas

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    It's just a matter of terminology. Both types use opposed knurl wheels 180 degrees apart on the workpiece. The knurling force is taken in the mechanism.

    Provided you have a lathe with enough travel this should be easy. A single pass and you're done. NEVER run back over the knurled pattern and don't allow the knurl to idle on the workpiece. Feed onto the work on the tailstock end, traverse and rapid off at the headstock end.

    I'd try something in the 500 to 1000 rpm range with a coarse feed, maybe .020"/rev.

    Wet or dry shouldn't matter, although you may have to lube the knurl pins in that long a run. When I do a production job in the CNC lathe I always program a squirt of coolant onto the knurl head before it hits the work to lube the pins, but basically I'm knurling dry.

    A convex knurl is not needed, a conventional flat faced should do it.