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    Need a new shop? You might consider moving to Scotland. Here's a photo I took recently in Whithorn. There may be other nice stone churches in the neighborhood, waiting to be adopted and put to good use.

    Allan Ostling

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    This is the place I want:

    Used to play there when I was a kid. Close to the beach, nice weather.


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      Pew........ what an idea...............

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        A friend of my wifes bought an old church in a small town in Minnesota to use as a warehouse. It was cheaper by far than the same amount of industrial space.


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          Anne DeFranco, a rock singer of some note in this area, bought a church for a recording studio.

          Seems one fine upstanding congregation sold it to another unsuspecting congregation. They forgot to mention the roof and all the stone gingerbread was falling off during the freeze/thaw cycles of Buffalo NY winters. DeFranco bought it and sunk a small fortune into getting it remodeled into a recording studio.
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