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  • Easson DRO's

    Anyone familiar with this outfit's digital readout units. Found them on e-bay. Been shopping for DRO for the Rockwell mill. Am looking at Accu-rite 100 and the Jenix model. Nice site but beyond that, I don't have any former knowledge of how well their product performs.
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    Best deal I've seen is found in the latest issue of HSM. On page 19 of the July/August 2007 edition is a full page ad by CDCO Machinery Corp. They list their website as

    I'm thinking very seriously about getting a lathe package from them. They sell for significantly less than ebay prices and it appears to be the same as the Meister units. They sell the 9x42 mill package for $449.

    Since this website is an extension of the HSM magazine and they are a paid advertiser, I don't see any conflict posting this here.

    I know nothing of the company other that they are an advertiser, and I know nothing of the unit or its quality.

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      I have the CDCO mill pkg. I am a happy customer.


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        Don't have any direct info on how good the Easson DROs are, but if it is any sort of recommendation, Hare & Forbes who are fairly well regarded in Australia have been selling the Easson DRO's for some years.

        I have a set of Eassons and a lathe to use them on arriving shortly from Hare & Forbes, I'll be able to provide "in use" feedback in the not too distant.


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          G'day and Easson DRO has arrived

          I guess its bad manners to just walk into a room full of people and start talking without introducing yourself. So g'day, I'm Bob Ward, live in Laidley, SE Queensland. I've always been interested in things mechanical, play around with Hudsons if anyone else is similarly afflicted, have tinkered with lathes over the years, done a couple of night school lathe classes etc, but never actually got around to owning a lathe.

          Now that the R word beckons I'm getting myself set up. The shed has gone up in the back yard and I've bought myself an AL340D 350mm x 1000mm lathe from Hare & Forbes. Now to start having some fun!

          The AL340D comes with an Easson DRO already fitted to it, which seems to be the most economical way to buy a DRO.

          The DRO reads to 3 places in metric and 4 places in imperial. It has all the usual features and works out taper angles as well. There is no indicator to tell you if you are set in metric or imperial, you have to count the number of decimal places showing to figure that out.

          At this early stage repeatability is OK, winding the carriage back and forth to a stop the X axis reads +- .005mm.

          I think I may be losing 50mm travel to the left because of the scale mounting and the cables coming from the scale. I have to check that out further.


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            There is a fellow over on the yahoo Rockwell mill forum who has posted some pics of a grizzly dro installation. Seems to have the right-sized scales. I have considered this one also. I believe the 3 axis (knee) kit is on sale for $625--no afilliation...Sidegrinder