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my airbag problem

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    Originally posted by Alistair Hosie
    WES I have a large lump in one of my testicles turns out to be an epididimal cyst not life threatening and I just live with it anyway you were right I do need a bag pipe repairAlistair
    Getting a bit personal here. Happened to me, too. I guess I am more qualified than I thought to give advice on this topic: It may or may not go away, but mostly harmless. May cause you to walk with an uneven gait. I advise adding ballast to the other side.
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      Airbags shake me up a little just handeling them, iv had to remove them to get to steering shafts and such,,, always treat them like a loaded gun, When handeling act like the bag part is the butt of the gun, dont point the canister at you or someone else, better to get hit with the bag then the metal container, if it went off in a car interiour and the bag was against the dash and the canister pointed at your head it could be lethal,,, I dont know if a static charge from your own body could set them off or not but I wouldnt want to find out --- I also never heard of one "leaking",,, I thought they were two different compounds that an electrical charge unites but that may be the old style...

      Now for some added "mystery leak" Data on things I have seen over the years, actually seen this two times now ---
      A bad speedo drive seal can bring stinky 90wt. all the way up to the speedometer head and then spill it in the dash, it then leaks down and gets on the drivers shoes and or all the other components, what a mess, It takes just the wrong combo, all speedo cables have a spiral wind to them because they are rotating cables, they have a spiral outer wind and a spiral inner that is going the opposite direction, they can actually be used to transmit power in either direction but using the outer caseing in such a way that it actually "tightens the wind" is the strongest (because it is of course larger in diameter) and generally is the way they are designed to run, unfortunatly in this direction it turns the speedo cable into a "fluid pump" ( see "archimedian screw")--- So if your lower seal is bad It will literally drag fluid from a much lower place (transmission) and bring it up to the highest exit (speedometer) generally this will first start to happen on long trips or short back to back smaller trips as it takes time, I know a girl that got so disscusted with it that she was about to sell her car till I found out where it was coming from, still - it trashed the carpeting for a long time after....
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        I must say seeing the news my heart goes out to our English brothers and sisters many of whom were not insured I hope the government helps some of them at least Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease