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Well, I couldn't afford the CNC B'port, but here are the goddies I got:

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  • Well, I couldn't afford the CNC B'port, but here are the goddies I got:

    A few weeks ago, I posted up looking for some info on the value of a CNC B'port that was coming up for auction. Well, the auction was this morning. The B'port ended up going for $2800. I just could not afford any more than that, no matter how I tried to swing it, so the other guy won. Most of the bidders dropped out at $1500 or so, only me and one other guy to the end. He evidently had more money The machine was in just as good of shape as it appeared in the pictures. I was seriously racking my brain to figure out what I could hock to win it. Oh well, one will come around again, right?

    Anyhow, I got some great deals on other stuff. Some treasure I need help identifying.

    Here are some pictures, see the captions bellow for what I need help identifying.

    Starting from the left, 3 5/8 Albrecht chucks, 1 3/8 Albrecht chuck, 2 1/4 Albrecht chucks. 3 assorted small jacob's chucks, and a couple of small rigid brand chucks. Varrious boring bar heads and shell and EM holders. Things I don't know what they are, the long silver toolholder? in the lower middle section. It has no manufacturers markings that I found during brief inspection. The other item is the large black thing on the right. Close ups in the next to pics. I am guessing some kind of quick change tool holder.

    Close up of the large black thing, manufacturer markings.

    Both unknowns together.

    More pics to follow in the next post.
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    On the left, all of the tap handles are starrett brand. 3 jacobs rubber flex chucks in the foreground on the left. Weird right angle drive for something above them. Center, Brown&Sharp digital micrometer. Center, foreground, mitutoyo calipers. Right, 4 DTI's of various configuration, all starrett brand. Next right, two indexable lathe bits for TNMG. Next two pair of vice grips, one new.

    One box of triangle inserts of various size and styles.

    And lastly 1 Rigid chain wrench, 2 Vise Grip chain clamps, Several spanners, both adjustable and fixed, and 4 new c-clamps.

    I also purchased a 7HP, 80 Gallon Eaton compressor, I won't be able to bring that home until tomorrow. I think I did pretty good, I got all of the above, including the compressor for $575. What do you think?

    Any help with the couple of mystery items would be appreciated.



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      All that AND a compressor? I'd say you did damn well.


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        At first glance, the unknown thing on left appears to be a morse taper to kwik switch collet tool holder adapter.. I'd get the numbers off it and research it, possibly a TKD brand?

        I think the last one I saw on ebay went for $150.. People like I was with a morse taper drill press and a cnc love them. My spindle is out on the cnc now thou and I may convert to another toolholder type. Hence the pretty good ebay price.
        Excuse me, I farted.


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          that looks like tap holders.


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            The item on the left is indeed a quick change tool holder,but it is NOT for quik-switch tooling. It is primarily for use in a Radial drill press and takes a special tool adapter with various sized internal Morse Taper bores. This way you can spot, drill, counter-sink, ream or tap multiple holes faster, without a drill chuck or drifting out and reseating several tools, for each work piece you do.They are still being made in Meadville, Pa.,and can be found in a MSC or McMaster-Carr catalog. They can also be used in turret lathes to save on stations, or in larger floor type drill presses in a production setting.
            The second item looks like it could be a custom floating reamer holder or a non-releasing tapping head. It is a little hard to tell from the pictures.


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              Thanks guys, I did find more info on the black QC tool holder, but I did not find the collets and what not in MSC. I will keep searching, it appears they are definitely still in business as said above . It is a Wizard, size B-3.

              As for the silver thing, it is about 12"s long. The arbor is a MT to Jacobs adapter, and was the only thing that was labeled. If you turn the wide knurled collar on the holder, there is an ~5/16 diameter cross pin on the inside of the holder that moves up and down in the bore, probably about 5 inches or so of overall travel. The end knurled cap has a ~.125" wide groove cut across the cap, which when it is in its unlocked position, the groves line up with deeper grooves of about the same width in the body. You can turn the cap about 1/4 turn and it ramps down tight against the body due to the screws in either side, and cam like grooves in the cap. It does indeed look similar to reamer and tap holders I have found online, but as far as I can tell it is rigid throughout, w/ no float. Also the inner bore does not really appear to be tapered, but I will investigate more later when I have time. Perhaps the moving pin in the center is to eject whatever tool holder is in it.

              I found some stuff at MSC that I looks like it will fit the wizard holder, but nothing listed as that same name, nor under the manufacturers name McCrosky's. It appears toolfab bought the McCrosky's tool company, and no results for them in MSC either. I would like to find out what the various tool holders cost for it, because I may make an adapter to fit my Gorton mill and use it instead of the proprietary gorton collets.

              Thanks again guys,


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                Try this link for a photo of the holders:

                The whole catalog is on line but I did not browse through it to see if they listed any vendors.


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                  Originally posted by ARFF79
                  Try this link for a photo of the holders:

                  The whole catalog is on line but I did not browse through it to see if they listed any vendors.
                  Yeah, I found that already. Thanks though. I think I will send an email to the company and see who the dealers are for it. I am kind of interested in machining the arbor to fit my Gorton 0-16A and use it in place of the tri-lobe Gorton collets.