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  • Tune Up Parts ?

    Who makes GOOD QUALITY Tune up parts for truck engines like 460 ord. ?? I looked at some stuff at our Canadian Tire Stores but made in china was on em. I want good heavy type copper distributor caps and also good 8 mm wires decent plugs. I run it on Propane and gas. But mainly Propane. Thanx Mike

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    Have you tried your local FoMoCo dealer?


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      Quality parts

      I don't know much about Canada parts stores, but you can always get the parts from a dealer. It will cost more of course.

      Some of the after market parts are made by name brand companies. I have been told by good authority that "Wells" brand parts are made by Delco.

      Standard Ignition parts are superior to OEM, in all of the cases that I have checked out. There Blue Point heavy duty parts line is quaranteed for life. Don't know if these are sold in Canada.

      You could also order online from some of the custom parts houses.

      I have found at the parts stores here in USA (Texas) most parts are guaranteed for the life time of the vehicle. You may have to change something out again, but the part would be no cost.

      Good luck on your tune-up.



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        Auto parts....

        You can't escape the "China syndrome" I find. I just finished doing a bunch of front end repairs, transmission mount & U joints on my 3/4 ton GMC van. Pretty generic truck...the tranmission mount was made in India (cheap jobber part), one tie-rod end made in USA (brand name part, "Threadsaver") other tie rod end made in China (brand name US jobber part) U joints apparently US made but no positive ID, just "Spicer" packaging.
        These were all parts purchased thru a local automotive wholesaler, I wouldn't expect the Tire to be any better....
        As for prices, the jobber tierod ends were $22 for the US one, $12 for the Chinese one, $117 for the "Moog" tierod end. Hard to justify the cost for a service van that ain't no Porsche....I guess I'm as guilty as anyone else in chasing the $$$. Don't worry, I also checked dealership pricing, almost as bad as "Moog" prices, for non-Moog parts. (Probably made by Magna or Threadsaver for GM.)
        Outsourcing & sub-contracting is everywhere.


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          If you are in the US and don't mind waiting for mail order, try . They have both the factory and aftermarket versions of almost all parts for pretty low prices, they will definitely blow away your local chain auto parts stores on price. Unfortunately it takes a while to get the stuff so I only use these guys when I can plan ahead.

          Paul T.


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            The OEMs are not immune. Many of the parts suppliers are being directed (read: FORCED) by auto manufacturer purchasing agents to go to China to reduce costs and stay competitive. Service parts end up coming from the same place as the original equipment.
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              Like Skeeter said, Standard's Blue Streak line sounds what you are looking for.

              Standard/Blue Streak Canada:


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                I'll agree with what the others have said about Bue Streak ignition parts, I have used their products since the late sixties and I have not found fault with any of the products they produce, still the same quality they had forty years ago.
                One look at a set of their points next to most anything else will make you a convert.
                Not to say that there aren't other good ones out there, just that you would be hard pressed to find better.
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                  Blue Streak

                  I used Blue Streak Many Years ago, Built a custom ignition plate for some Motorcycles using There points and small condensor units. Later went electronic. I just havent seen any blue streak parts around. Thanx for the tips, I will be hunting down some blue streak components. Mike


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                    Blue Streak???

                    Went to General Automotive today. (Snucl outa work ) and got some ac factory original parts. Im curious though i asked for blue streak parts then i get these factory ac ford parts they say made in mexico and im thinking S.... I hate crap salespeople, Then i wanted 8 millimeter wires he says oh i dont know if they are 7 or 8 mm wires HUH??? They will be in tomorrow., Now i gotta go again to get wires i dont even know what im getting. This s,,,, service is everywhere it seems. Anyhow are ac parts good???