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  • Machinery roadtrip!

    So I had to sell my 13.5x40 lathe, 1.5hp chinese mill and shaper project(to Evan) when I moved from Prince George BC to Hamilton Ontario, thus I'm in the process of re equiping my shop. I've picked up a 9" SB lathe and have been improving my skills but I cant do stuff I want to do without a mill (like make QC bit holders) So I won this auction on ebay

    Shipping to Buffalo (1 hour away) would cost 250USD so I figured a road trip was in order, I'm a home shop guy so seeing some country for a little extra in gas would be worth it. I left on Thursday at 3pm and ended up getting into Netcong NJ at 1 am.

    Loaded up the next morning at Toolhunters shop, wow they have some great stuff. I actually experienced (fondled) a deckel, too bad it was sold and too heavy for the explorer. The guys were friendly and very helpful with taking the unit apart and helping to load it. I saw an Atlas 7B shaper sitting beside the mill and asked about it with faint hope, as I was with SWMBO and only had so much cargo room in the truck. He told me to make an offer (it needed work having looked to have sat outside for a while, but everything was there) I gave Erin(SWMBO) my best puppydog eyes and she actually started FOLDING UP THE SEAT TO FIT IT IN! I said sorry to Tegan(my dog)who until now was enjoying the whole back seat and made my offer to the guys. I owe them a christmas card or something. I drove away with an ear to ear smile, the back end of the truck riding low and the feeling like I just stole something!

    The trip back got even better, we decided to stay for a few nights at Watkins Glen SP in WNY. On the way there we found an antique tractor and engine show in Montour Falls, (I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven) There were steam tractors(absolutely amazing) and all sorts of cool machinery, a guy that had a bunch of mill tooling(all B&S #7 argh) at least a dozen hit and miss engines running here and there. And I think I'm in trouble, I've always been kinda interested in blacksmithing but never really thought I would do it, till I watched a guy give a demo. I'm in for another sickness like machine tools, I can feel it creep over me, I've been searching ebay and the local rags for anvils and coal suppliers, and thinking about my next trip to the salvage yard.

    Driving through Pennsylvania and NY state made me feel like I had come home. The country is alot like the Kootnays in BC. I like it alot more than Southern Ontario(sorry to those that live in the center of the universe), the atmosphere, the people are friendly and unrushed. Driving on the interstate going the speed limit or just under is normal, not like in Ontario where if you arent doing 30 over you are getting tailgated and run over by everyone even soccer moms and senior citizens.

    I do understand that I need to post some pictures. I'll try to get to that in the next few days when I'm not at work.

    I've got some questions for everyone too:
    What does the original stand for an Atlas look like? What kind of taper is in the vertical head of these Burke #4s? And does anyone know of any anvils or coal for sale in Ontario or WNY?


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    That's quite a deal on a #4, with the vertical head, no less. All of the Burke vertical heads I've seen used 3C collets. I've seen Atlas shapers on three different "original" stands, the most common, and the one shown in the parts lists and early catalogs consists of outward curving cast iron legs connected by maple boards as the top and shelf, like the early Atlas lathe stands. A later stand used for the shaper and mill was steel, and looked a bit like the South Bend shaper stand. I've also seen a wood stand, with the Atlas logo, but only one of those. The cast legs show up on Ebay from time to time. Can't help with the coal...



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      Good news Erik. Glad to hear you have a 'real' shop now. Please do post some pics. I have been tuning up the shaper you gave me and have it running pretty well.
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