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Why are Tig machines more expensive than migs?

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  • Why are Tig machines more expensive than migs?

    Just something I'm curious about...there are plenty of brand name light duty MIG welding rigs on sale around five to eight hundred dollars...but no "home shop" type TIG units under a grand. It seems that with the feed mechanism and gun that MIG machines would be on average more expensive. What am I missing? Is it simple supply and demand?

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    It's the machine tig uses a high frequency to start the arc because it runs with low voltage. as compared to migs that very the voltage and have constant curent this is also why a combo machine is very expensive.
    Mig Are listed as CV(constant voltage) and tig's and stick welder are listed as CC(consant curent)
    Miller does make an inverter tig machine 110Vac 140Amp max fore around $850 or so but you will need to get a bottle and a foot pedal.
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      If you have an AC/DC stick welder, you can run a scratch start DC TIG torch off it. The rig should run you less than a couple of hundred bucks. The only draw back is that without the high frequency, you can't weld aluminum with it.


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        It's in part supply and demand. More people need TIG than MIG so the price goes down.

        Technically, as Kerry pointed out, TIG is a CC device and that' more difficult to achieve than CV. The high frequency/high voltage arc stablizing circuit also adds to the cost.



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          Cheapest Tig rig I have found, grainger. Tweco.
          I think it was half what the welding shop wanted. Yes you can weld with a buzz box, but you need to be able to turn the welder down to nothing nearly. I ended up pulling about half the secondary windings out of my last welder to lower the heat. Since I learned you can take a steelie rod and put the ground in series with it and it will lower your heat too. Heat up red hot, but lower the amps.
          Not tried with the new hobart welder yet. Grainger has a hi-freq add on box too, really cheap.
          oHH YEAH I used my lincoln mig as a tig supply once, I opened it up where the wire goes and tapped the tig torch directly on, I think I had to reverse polarity it thou. It worked great on thin stainless.

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