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    Used internet explore with a google tool bar that had a spell check. Got Firefox and down loaded a google tool bar. but no spell check . Do thy have one for Fire fox and where is it . I need it bad cant spell worth a hoot. Can some one point me in right direction.
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    I just use Firefox Version and it has the spell checker in it. Under Tools/Options/Advanced Check spelling as you type. Works for me. I set Google as my Home page. "Don't need no stinkin Tool Bar." or do I? BG
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      On occasion I will compose a post on Microsoft Word. The spell check is done there. When I am ready to post, I just copy and paste to the text box here. THe extra step is a minor hassle, but if I am on dialup in the shop, I can disconnect while composing.
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        I need it bad cant spell worth a hoot
        Lane, been reading and understanding your writings just fine?
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          I think check-as-you-type spell checking is enabled by default on FireFox 2.0.x

          Are you seeing dotted red-lines under words in the "Reply to Thread" box?
          If you right-click on the red-lined word, Firefox will show you a list of spelling corrections.

          By the way Lane, your posts are fine without any spell-check, we only want to see your incredible model Bridgeport again

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            Well just go to our web site and look all you want Lazlo. I just wish some one would buy it.
            Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self