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    Here's what some engineers do in their spare time.

    Seems like a fun way to get into trouble.

    I recall reading a Newsweek article about the Air/Propane bomb used in the First Gulf War. I read this sentence in the article: "The bomb was deployed to not only do damage, but to frighten Iraqi soldiers into defecating." Upon first read, the setence made sense, but I reread the sentence and realized that the last word was defecting, but the other was probably true too.
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    Our chemistry teacher demonstrated this back in highschool. He took a baloon filled with propane and brought it over the bunsen burner and create a nice big orange flame. He then took another baloon, but this was filled with propane and oxygen in the correct mixture. When it got near the burner, it literally exploded like a bomb. He was trying to explain the difference between slow and rapid combustion.

    I'm suprised that information like this making it on the web more and more. Someone is going get hurt, or even worst, someone is going to use it to hurt many.


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      I had a professor in college do a similar detonation demonstration with 2 parts H and 1 part O filling a balloon. The result, of course, is water - but I was surprized that the bang didn't blow the windows out of the room.

      The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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        The 22nd century version of a carbide canon. The video of that bomb is amazing they set one off in the swamps in FLA at some base. Cleared a circle of all standing vegetation it was layed flat radiating out from the center of the blast. The mushroom cloud and fire ball looked like a mini nuke. Like one of those anti personnel nukes they talked about in the sixty's in the magazines.
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          Blow up dolls

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