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  • Clausing 6300 lathe

    Ran across a lathe, Clausing 6300(tag says 6339),during one of my many stops at work. It's in a shop that makes swimming pool covers. The owner is a retired machinist.
    Anyway, it has the flame hardened bed, variable speed option, L00 spindle, steady rest, 3-jaw Skinner chuck, lantern tool post and a couple of misc. items. The lathe is 12" by 36" and 3 phase. Fired it up, runs well, just a couple of glitches.
    1. The feed screw rotation selector lever has a enough slop in it that you have to hold it down to keep it engaged. I suspect the linkage is a bit worn but without taking the QC box off, I can't tell for sure. Any hints?
    2. The motor says 1.5 hp but lists 2 rpms- 1740 and 1440(I think). Wouldn't a multispeed motor have two HP ratings if it is two speed? My Hardinge TM is multispeed and multi HP. ???

    He wants $700 for it, which I think is fair. I want to upgrade/upsize from my current Logan 820. The add'l spindle bore size, swing and bed length would be handy.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The diferance in RPM is 50Hz to 60Hz

    Steve Larner


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      I have a 6535, 15x48. It has a bunch of QC box problems (as in missing parts) but to answer your questions:

      1. None of my levers have detents so they don't engage a positive stop but there is quite a bit of space in each shift position to engage the desired gear. Having to hold yours down sounds peculiar - like part of the gear is missing but I suppose it could also be due to wear on the fork that drives it into battery. You should be able to remove the top cover with just two socket screws and look inside.
      2. My manual says the two speed motor for my lathe is rated at 5 and 2-1/2 hp. I suspect yours is 3 and 1-1/2.

      They are well built, solid lathes and I agree that $700 is fair, especially if you can get some tooling and chucks with it. I got my lathe for nothing but it was stripped and has some gears missing so I am still looking for parts. Fortunately, I have another lathe to use while trying to fix this one.


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        I have a 6300 with no serial number..
        I really like this lathe.
        I am confused by your comments.
        There is a feed selector lever on the head stock ( Forward-Neutral-Reverse)
        There is a feed selector lever on top of the QC Box (A-B-C)
        There is a Feed Selector shaft on the far left side (1,2,3,4, feed rate)
        There is a Feed Engagement (cocked spring clutch) Lever you pull down
        Which one has no detents on yours?
        Mine is a single speed 220 3 phase motor @ 1.5 HP


        The lathe is fairly straightforward.
        I completely rebuilt the head stock, QC box and the Carriage drive.
        The manual is still available from Clausing..


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          The Forward-Neutral-Reverse switch on the headstock of my lathe has no postion locations. I have to move it and manually turn the spindle until it is in neutral - forward and reverse are at either extreme of the travel. It would be easy to bump it into gear by accident so perhaps there is a detent internally that is missing. This lathe had a hard life so no telling.

          I agree that they are straightforward - I have the QC box apart on mine while I look for parts and it appears to be fairly simple.


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            Why not remove the top headstock cover.
            There are some setscrews on that shaft (For/REV) that may have come loose,
            and you can reach them from the top.


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              [QUOTE=HWooldridge]I have a 6535, 15x48. It has a bunch of QC box problems (as in missing parts) but to answer your questions:

              I am also looking at a lathe to buy that I believe is what You are describing, unlike most of the Clausing lathes of that vintage which had Long taper spindles this lathe has a cam lock spindle and those tiny micrometer dials. I think it is a 15 inch model. This is the first lathe I have looked at that looked like this one. ( i did not get the serial number off of it because it was sort of buried and I did not want to seem too interested if you know what i mean) do you happen to have a picture that you could post some where or email it to me diectly
              I am looking to upgrade from a perfectly fine 12X36 late model atlas/chraftsmen Cabinett (underdrive Model)
              Thanks archie =) =) =)