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"Kant-twist" clamps

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  • "Kant-twist" clamps

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    They rock, simple as that

    Kant twist clamps rock, no doubt about it. Way better than C clamps.
    James Kilroy


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      There used to be some chinese knockoffs, I got some at Victor Machinery, but I haven't seen them around. The larger sizes of the imports are fine but the 1" would jam their threads under pressure. I wonder when the patent expires?

      At one point I was contemplating making an 18" kant-twist out of alum plate for a job that needed a strong deep throated clamp. How cool would that have been?

      Clamping today is a joy between the kant-twists and the one handed squeeze bar clamps.
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        I just seen it on their web-site that Enco has a 6pc set of the Kant Twist clamps on sale for $90.00
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          Clamps? I like clamps...............sorry, wrong kind.


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            Mike.. the heck with the clamps..what is that yellow thing in the background? Looks like muscle to me!

            Back to clamps..I was shown those by the cnc guy..he said they are better than sex. He uses them for everything (maybe even sex) but he said I should get some. Was he talking sex or clamps? Or was he talking getting clamps and use them.....whatever
            I should check Enco since they are listed there and try some.. would that be sex or I am totally cofused!
            Life Is Grand


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              Years ago, Enco had there own brand of "kant-twist" clamps at a fraction of the genuine $$. I suspect the lawers went after them.


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                Patent expired.

                It would appear that the patent has expired. From their web site:

                "Originated in its current form in 1972, Clamp Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Clamp) was the result of a buyout of a firm owned by Phil and Paul Saurenman. Phil took the Kant-Twist clamp line and one of our current buildings as remuneration in lieu of cash. He continued to be active with Clamp until shortly before his death in December 1995. Clamp remains family owned.

                "The original firm purchased the Kant-Twist line from Paul Saxton in 1953 and paid him royalties until the patent expired. In fact, many old timers may remember the clamp being referred to as "The Saxton clamp." The line has been expanded many times since. Our most recent additions are the 2-1/2" Deep Throat and the 1-1/2" Round Handle clamps."
                Ed Bryant


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                  I have a few of the Kant-twists. Once in awhile they're useful to get into a place where a conventional "C" clamp won't fit.

                  One thing I really don't like about them is the fine pitch of the screw thread. It takes forever to re-size them from closed to wide open or vice-versa.

                  My ideal clamp is the old Hargrave C-frame "super clamp". Forged steel body, Acme threaded screw with the forged thumb screw type handle (as opposed to the cheapo sliding rod handle). I see these now cost around 35 bucks in the 4" size, but the new ones apparently only have the cheapo rod type handle.


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                    Originally posted by DR
                    One thing I really don't like about them is the fine pitch of the screw thread. It takes forever to re-size them from closed to wide open or vice-versa.
                    Like many things, it's all in the wrist! You dangle and spin them.

                    As for imports, if the patent is long expired, WTF? Why did they stop making the imports then? Where's my cheap wall of chinese clamps?
                    Location: Jersey City NJ USA


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                      There was an HSM or PIM/MW article quite some time ago that gave the patterns and plans for making your own. may be in one of the Village Press hardback books that I saw it.
                      Shortly before I saw the article I had seen a lot of scrap at my local salvage yard that would have been ideal for that purpose, but when I went back to get some it was gone. ...naturally.
                      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                        "Kant-twist" clamps

                        My first exposure to Kant Twist Clamps was in 1973, while I was interning in tool and die. They proved to be the best thing since sliced bread. They are especially handy for clamping work on an angle plate. We had die steels to grind cutting edges on at precise angles. A regular c clamp would try to move the part slightly out of true as it tightened up that last little bit. I bought a couple of no name MSC 6" kant twist clones and have used them for all kinds of things. I have even used them to attach pipe or lumber to the roof rack on the car. They never fail to work great!
                        Jim (KB4IVH)

                        Only fools abuse their tools.


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                          I've had the Kant-twist clamps for about 10 years work great, I was recently was given by the sales rep, to try, some of the "Lockjaw" clamps, they are like the 5" and 11" vicegrip welding clamps, with the swivel pads, but they adjust automaticlly, there is a tension adjuster, once you set it according to the amount of tension you wanted, thats what you get regardless of the stock clamped up to 4" thick. I weld up angle iron frames for tanks and pumps, they work great, no fumbling, just squeeze it and its clamped. If you get a chance check them out.



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                            I have the plans somewhere, if this site had the means to post plans and the like I would post them.


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                              Here is a De Sta co plastic welding no mar clamp with the wheels instead of pads.
                              Been there, probably broke it, doing that!
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