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  • OT: Virus Question......

    After reading a couple of other "virus related" questions, it occurred to me to ask............

    Can one get infected files by just "viewing" YouTube videos??

    I've always cautioned my kids about downloading "strange" files, opening "strange" attachments and visiting "unknown" sites, (and to date, they've been real good about it. No virus' (that I know of) to report. But.........I know they do some "viewing" of stuff on YouTube and they are telling me that, "We're not downloading.......We're just viewing".

    Is the "viewing" a far enough separation from "downloading" to eliminate virus spread??

    Or maybe.........Could YouTube do their "own" virus policeing to prevent (or at least limit) the chances of getting virus' and other "nasties" from their site????

    Just curious...........Thanks in advance.........Rodg

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    to my knowledge it's not too likely when played through the browser and not on the local system.

    I do know that some music video files can open a browser window to the artists or producers homepage when played through windows media player, so it is possible that someone may have figured out a way to embed a viral payload.



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      Youtube uses flash to tun thier videos, now days flash is very secure.

      I have 2 sites where you can post , flash, youtube, mp3's,google videos inside the post window.

      All that stuff is nothing to worrie about.

      What you want to avoid is hacker/cracker sites.


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        What is a hacker/cracker site?Never heard this term before.


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          Often used for sites dedicated to “hacking”. This is generally where the wannabes hang out, the real deal usually won’t be wanting the attention. As such, it’s something of a badge of honor that they have some of the most malevolent sites on the net. After all, it’s what they do. In their view, you shouldn’t be there unless you are “one of them”. And if you don’t know enough to protect your systems, you certainly aren’t one of them. That makes you an outsider, a casual user trespassing on THEIR turf. So, the casual user depending on trash like Symantec or McAfee may well find themselves “owned” and thrashed very quickly by dozens of spy/malware invasions, or perhaps silently zombified for the amusement of the site insiders.
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