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Front retaining ring on BS 6x12 spindle

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  • Front retaining ring on BS 6x12 spindle

    I didn't want to cross post, so I started this question over on PM because I thought it might get more response from the service techs, sellers, and rebuilders over there. No luck, so I figured I would try here.

    PM Thread just in case there are any posts

    Looks like someone took the "retaining ring" off the front of the spindle before I got it. Didn't even realize it till I noticed the groove while getting ready to put it back together. Anyway, I can obviously measure the groove, but the manual shows what appears to be a sort of OD wedging design, not a typical snap ring.

    If you've got the BS Challenger manual, this is #53 on the spindle diagram. The parts list give this as 3814-A, though I doubt that is much use with BS Grinders no longer supported by the company that bought the rights...

    Anyone got any info on this?
    Just measured it, and the bearing bore is 2.052 using a Interapid bore gage compartor zero'd and measured with a Mic. The a ring groove 0.058 wide with a gage made to check groove width. Numbers seemed somewhat odd, but repeated within a few tenths on separate checks. Also did a sanity check with Mitu digi calipers that came up with 2.049 and feeler gages that were very snug at 0.058, so that's pretty close. I have no way to accurately measure the groove depth.

    Just thought the numbers might prove useful in finding a modern part number. I'll call local supplier tomorrow, but it's always nice to know what to ask for...

    And is there a special type of snap ring with a sort of conical OD? As I said, the drawing shows the outer edge of the snap ring used sort of like a wedge with the taper on the side away from the bearing, and not touching the bottom of the groove (largest diameter being an internal snap ring) or the back (bearing side) of the groove.
    Nobody has any comment on the conical retaining rings? Anyone ever seen such a thing?
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    Do you have a drawing of what you need or are you looking for a drawing of what you need? Gary P. Hansen
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      Here is a screen shot of the document. Clip in question is #53.
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        Last year I had to replace the pulley bearing in my car A/C unit, It had a strange snap ring in it with the inner edge beveled, much as your #53 shows. They might not be as hard to find as you might think. Try Motion Industries, MSC or McM Carr by phone and see if one of them can help.