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A mans gota do what a mans got to do.... project

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  • A mans gota do what a mans got to do.... project

    Last April, when things were still a bit cool out, the wife was baking some sweets. This is normal and when I had 8 fellows working with me I would take the goodies in and leave them on my bench in some tupperware. By the end of the day the treats were gone and everyone was happy, all day long. And, giving most of the stuff away has kept me on the thin side. But the sweet tooth has never gone away.

    So, la femme came to me and explains that her icing tool had broken. How can this be? No more little tasty morsals to dunk into milk or pack with me as I ran my daily errands? Oh my heart was in the depths of dispair.

    So off to the shop I went.

    First a study of the mechanism showed that an end cap retaining a spring plus the broken part was either glued or sonic welded into place. A careful and surgical removal of this part took place. Now the broken part could be removed for copying.

    Click for larger photo.

    After taking it all appart I realized that the manufacturer had chosen plastic for the thumb control which was not the best idea. This area will see a bit of pressure as the user tries to extrude the icing out through the tip.

    A rough copy was made as a replacement. The steel bushing that was in the plastic was removed from the broken part and pressed into the new one. A file was used to clean up the saw marks and smooth out the part. Then the whole works was painted and baked at 375؛F to set the paint.

    The cap that was guled on retaining the works had been distroyed during removal. I quickly dug through my plastic scrap pile looking for a bit of polycarb or pe to turn a new cap. A little wheel from and old broken remote control car was found to be a close match.

    A blind hole bored into the back of the wheel converted it from scrap to a useable repair part. Some small stainless #3 screws were used to hold this cap on. Now it can be disassembled if another problem would arise.

    The part was cleaned up and the whole thing was put back together.

    Now she plans to bake cookies today. It is only supposed to get 90؛F+ today so I'm sure the oven is a good idea. I think that I will wait for my payment in the basement, working on my next project, in the nice cool 60؛ area.

    Here's to all your projects, in the hopes that they are just as rewarding in payment.

    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.

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    Couldn't you have just washed the grease gun out ? or at least just gave it a quick swipe with a reasonably clean rag ?


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      That would keep me regular, but the taste might be a bit discouraging.
      Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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        Projects like this always make me wonder how "normal" people cope with life. I can't imagine not having a shop to fix all the toys, tools and kitchen gear that breaks around here. Not to mention every time I have to do some plumbing the shop saves me from having to make 20 trips to the hardware store.

        I've done repairs to the dishwasher, whisk, vacuum cleaner, colander...

        Projects like this also go a long way towards keeping one's significant other happy with shop expendetures....

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