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The project nears completion, spiral staircase installed

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  • The project nears completion, spiral staircase installed

    I am close to finishing the home renovation sundeck and garden project. This project has involved more ironwork than I have done altogether since I worked as a fitter at Dominion Bridge in the 70's. It has also exercised my less capable but adequate carpentry skills, an arena I have less liking for because of the unpredictable nature of the materials.

    This was a project long overdue. It was overdue because of my physical limitations that have been recently in part eased through the help of a new medication. I have taken full advantage of this respite to complete a number of tasks with this being the largest.

    The old sundeck wasn't just needing replacement. If an inspector had seen it it would have been condemned on the spot. It was unsafe with boards failing and significant rot in the supports.

    This is how it looked. It doesn't look too bad from a distance but such appearances can be and are deceiving.

    Now for the renovation. I have fenced in the back garden area and we have expanded it considerably. It also gives a place for our Karelian Beardog to run free, something not possible before. I must give my wife Janet full credit for the garden maintenance as she is responsible for the upkeep of the plants for the most part. We live on a very private property in a very rural area but the garden is our real private sanctuary and acts as an extension of the privacy of our home.

    Approaching the back door of the house, which in keeping with rural tradition here acts as the main entry, you can see the steps to the right that lead to the door. I replaced them with steel framed steps and a wrought iron railing. The garden area is well screened by the summer growth on the fence and arbor.

    If one were to peek through the vegetation in various places this is what one might see. In particular one might see and be seen by the Beardog, a cause for some worry. [grin]

    If you entered the fenced area and stood on something to peer over the hedge plants you would see this:

    Everything seen here is my work of the last several months. I have had virtually no assistance with any of the construction or related work as my wife works full time.

    More to follow.
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    This is what you see on entering the private garden. The lawn, which is my responsibility, is rather poor because of the extremely hot weather recently.

    The spiral staircase can be seen leading from the upper deck to the ground level deck.

    This is an overhead view of the staircase as seen from the upper deck. The treads are 18 year aged douglas fir that is stained and then coated with spar varnish and dusted with fine crushed glass to provide wet traction. A railing is in the works. My wife and a couple of neighbors have reviewed the steps and proclaim them to be very solid feeling and comfortable to use.

    A large percentage of the steel used in the construction of the railings and stair frames is recycled from various sources. Much of it is from shipping frames for recreational snow machines given to me by a friend. I still have some garden gates to make and railings to finish but this is the major portion of the project completed. It has been very satisying and has resulted in a few new tools in the shop, most especially my Miller Welder.
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      Very nice. Where in BC do you live?


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        looks damn good Evan! You got it started now you don't know how to shut it off do you? Don't flame out old boy !
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          Where in BC do you live?
          Like it says on the right, Williams Lake.
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            Stair Project

            Nice job on the stairs. Now complete the project by installing hand rails.



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              The railing is under construction.
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                looks great Evan. i wish you'd stop with all the pics though. For years i've maintained this is such a great hobby because there are very few practical applications around the domicile - that it's completely R&R without domestic demands. now i have to hide the screen and make sure the better half isn't looking


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                  Originally posted by Evan
                  Like it says on the right, Williams Lake.

                  Your deck and back yard look like a paradise, house-bound as I am during the furnace heat of an Arizona summer.

                  Your floor looks like it is four or five feet above the ground. Are there floods to worry about in Williams Lake? I'll bet you can stash a lot of stuff under the house.
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                  Allan Ostling

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                    Very nice work!!


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                      I'll bet you can stash a lot of stuff under the house.
                      Heh. Nearly all houses here have a "daylight basement" since slab on grade isn't practical with our cold winters. This is a basement with windows all around near ground level and usually with the utility room and at least provision for a washroom. Most people develop the basement into a fully usable living space with separate rooms just as the main floor is developed. I have my shop, computer room/library and my electronics shop in the basement. There is as well the furnace/wood stove room where I have my grinding machines. There is also the laundry and a spare bedroom along with an underground cold storage room outside the foundation.

                      As for flooding, not here. I live at the top of a hill.
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