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  • Jerome wheelbarrow

    Why buy a wheelbarrow, when you can make one? In Jerome, Arizona, that's what one old miner did.

    Almost every Jerome house has a 100-mile view.

    Allan Ostling

    Phoenix, Arizona

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    Going into the desert, now------------

    Allan, we've had friends from high school days, drive out west (cross desert?) and pay us a visit, only to say 'never again, crossing that desert is the dumbest thing we ever did, nuts.'

    Five years later: ' Boy howdy, that desert is something else. We forgot how boring the drive is.'

    Few years on: 'Ya know, that desert is kinda purdy in the early morning and the evenings are really nice to sit outside'.

    Add another two years: ' Yeah, sorry we're a few days late getting here, we spent a night in Flag, spent two days at the Canyon, and then kinda drove south down a Green Valley visiting some of those little towns, and Jerome was the cat's meow. We plan to go back via Tucson and look around there.'

    They've retired now, care to guess where?

    Aside: Studebaker got his start building simple, wooden wheelborrows. As the west opened, he built some of the best 'Prairie Schooners. Got out of the auto business when getting was good.



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      Was thinking about Jerome just the other day, couldn't remember the name.
      Haven't been there since the 60's. Full of Hippies back then.
      There is a huge cavern just underneath Jerome, that was carved out by the old mine there.
      I thought Jerome would have fallen in by now.
      Nice drive from Prescott through Jerome and on down to Sedona.
      I had dejavu when I first saw that Wheelbarrow. Could it be after all these years?

      Tom M.