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  • Sharpening Cutters

    I am getting in to using cutters with a 1 inch hole. I have several and get more, but can these sharpened? Most of what I have now have carbide teeth.


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    You're talking shell mills or horizontal sloting cutter either can be resharpened. Although it requires a special setup in a surface grinder or a different kind of setup in a cutter grinder
    carbide can be sharpened with a green silicon carbide wheel although it will be faster and easier with a good diamond wheel.
    HSS grinds well with aluminum oxide 46 to 60 grit.
    But they're usually pretty cheep to send out to be reground.

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      A local tool grinder is quite reasonable, but there are items they are afraid to handle. A good reason to build your own T&C grinder.

      Severance chatterless countersinks can be returned to their factory for resharpening (not free). These countersinks have variable geometry and cannot be resharpened by normal means - if you try, they chatter like regular countersinks (badly, BTW).


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        I have more trouble with sharpening jobs the grinders are not afraid to handle. They think they know what they're doing and the cutters "look" good, but don't cut as well as they did before grinding. Cold saw blades are one of the above.

        IIRC, Severance countersinks are circular ground and backed off by hand. It's been a few years since I did this, I recall they were almost as good as new.


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          The severance shatterless CS I was referring to is the 6 flute Chatterless, not the uniflute style that you were mentioning.

          The uniflutes are easily ground by hand using a die grinder inside the flutes cutting edge. The outside surface is cam relieved and they make jigs to grind the relief - but I never touch the outside (don't need too).


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            Yep, it's the multiple flute Severance's I was referring to. I learned how to sharpen them from my local tool grinder.

            Mostly now we use the Weldon style "fish eye" countersinks. I have a fixture to cam grind the OD of those.


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              I have not tried the Weldon, but I understand that they can be ordered in TiN coating as well.

              I suppose you could resharpen the Severence that way, but the factory does not do it that way. If you get a chance to talk to Severence at a show, ask them about it.


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                Has anyone made a mill cutter using HSS inserts? I think they could be leveled and would be able to be easily sharpened. I saw some on ebay with carbide inserts, very expensive tho.
                I got a 1 inch bar of steel, I wonder if slotting it for the hss, then making a collet ring to lock would work. I seem to always need one more sharp cutter for the mill.


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                  Check with they can sell you both HSS and T-15 inserts in regular as well as APM form. These can be used in a normal insert face mill.